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Win your Gym Badges!


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Do you have what it takes to become a Pokemon master and win gym battles? Join the league!


I Gabriel Phoenix AKA Gabriel Faith, Am hosting gym battle every week. These gym battle will be different each week and there will be a rotation. The current league is Kanto. Gym battle will be taking place every Mon and Saturday or each week.



How to join:

You can post in this forum and set a time in to battle on Monday or Saturday of that week. [Removed - Mod_Jynthu]



Here are the Rules:

1. All decks must be Standard.

2. You can only win a badge once.

3. If you lose a gym battle, you can not have another gym battle until the fallowing week. ( This is allow all players to have a chance at Gym battling).

4. You must Collect all 8 badges to earn the prize: 1 full set of Gym Badges Kit

5. You must be respectful to all players including the gym leaders.



Prize: Once you collect all 8 badges. A Gym Badge kit will be send to you by mail!


Standard Format

Boulder Badge

Cascade Badge

Thunder Badge

Rainbow Badge:

Soul Badge

Marsh Badge

Volcano Badge

Earth Badge


Expended Format

Zephyr Badge

Hive Badge

Plain Badge

Spooky Badge

Storm Badge

Mineral Badge

Glacier Badge

Rising Badge




Boulder Badge: Shadowblaz, Yaolink, acmilanfc, football987456, GengarMaster11, Ledgon, Akectum23, Beartic42, Tomthegoat12, DJ_Anime, Peterben, SanaeKockhiyaX, Zesus3355, 8bitbits, Aeius, Football987456, Shyinjection, Bmeowmix, Sombres!!!


Cascade Badge: Chams1, Shadowblaz, GangarMaster11, Bensxn, Beartic42, Sombres, Awesome_guy, Peterben, Football987456, Thebesthorns, Acmilanfc, Bmeowmix!!!!!


Thunder Badge: Bensxn, Shadowblaz, Bolsomito2008, AKetchum23, GangarMaster11, Acmilanfc, Football987456, ShyInjection, Sombres, Peterben, Zesus3355, Alfredsftw, 1myname, SSJgoomba, Arneboy11, Awesome_guy, Thebesthorns, GameNVape, Mr.Psyked!!!!

Rainbow Badge: Beartic42, Tomthegoat12, Peter Ben, Shyinjection, Acmilanfc, Zesus3355, Egoodwin22, 8bitbits, Styleibo, GengarMaster11, Arneboy, BippletonUk, Gamefreak89, GameNVape, Mr.Psyked,Football987456, BestHorn, SSJ_Goomba, Sombres, WolfChilli !!


Soul Badge:Bolosomito2008, Shyinjection, PeterBen, Acmilanfc, Shadowblaz, SanaeKochiyaX, Aketchum23, Zesus3355, Fake_Cheese, LoadingDeath, Blazecryo, Alakazam_26, GengarMaster11, 8bitbits, Thegameisneverd, Football987456, Sombres, GameNVape, Gamerfreak, Yeezytaughme09, thebesthorns, Elavion,Bernier45, Arneboy11, Dakritz !!!


Marsh Badge: PeterBen, SanaeKockiyaX, Fake_Cheese, Aplysian, Aketchum23, Zesus3355, ShadowBlaz, GengerMaster11, 8bitbits, Purplella, Shyinjection, Arneboy11, GamerFreak89, Football987456, Sombres, acmilanfc!


Volcano Badge: Zesus3355, soniczap, ShadowBlaz, Football987456, SanaeKochiyaX, PurdyRich, GengarMaster11, Peterben, Bmeowmix, Bolosomito2008, acmilanfc, Purplella, GamerFreak89, Dj-Anime, GameNvape, Sombres, Arneboy11!




Earth Badge: ShadowBlaz, Zesus3355, Gengarmaster 11, TheGamingdodo25, Football987456, Styleibo, DJ-Anime, 8Bitsbit, Purplella, Elavion, Gamenvape, GamerFreak89, acmilanfc



Elite Four Rules

1. You must only use one Standard Deck

2. You can only fight the Elite Four once a week.

3. You must beat each one without losing or you will failed completely.

4. You must have all 8 gym badges to fight the Elite Four.

5. You must beat all 4 Elite Leaders and the champion to become the Champion!


Finalist to Elite Four: Football987456, ****************


********: Gengar Master!!!

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No you can earn the badges as they are in their own week but to let you all know. The higher the badge the harder the deck is. Serve should be up soon. Today is the last day for the Boulder badge until next rotation.

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This sounds like fun! I might give it a try when I have a more competitive deck. 

You can always give it a try. I'm using the actually pokemon the gym leader uses in the all the games. + tv show. After all it never hurt

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how do i enter this contest??

Very easy. When the serve come back on. Just join the twitch Channel Gabriel Phoenix and ask for a challenge. Make sure to fallow the rules.

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Today i will be streaming most of the day. I start playing around 1pm est to give all time zone in. I extended the boulder Badge for today being the last day. Monday is the start of the cascade badge!! So let get started. I'm going to begin!

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Monday and Saturday are the days i do the gym battles. During the weekday if you catch me on. You can challenge me and i will count it as a official gym battle.

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Sounds fun but all my standard decks got bumped to expanded and I'm too lazy to sort them out. :/

lol its a lot of fun. We just ended the Boulder Badge but you can try out for the Cascade tomorrow.

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