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Looking to complete my Gyarados EX deck


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I am looking to start trading for cards to build a M Gyarados Ex deck... I am looking for deck build ideas as well as trades.


I know at the very least i need


3 Gyarados EX

3 M Gyarados EX

1 Manaphy EX

1/2 Palkia EX

1 Goldduck BREAK





the below link is along the lines of what i was thinking... any ideas on what can make it better?




I look forward to you guys helping me!

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i use gyarados deck but with different strategy i think, since i dont have palkia T-T

my pokemon

2 articuno

1 lapras 

1 regiice

1 lugia

1 gyarados ex

1 m-gyarados ex

1 manaphy ex

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i have seen people using a Regice and Lapras before... the idea is to use Manaphy to keep everything moving.. the Goldduck to max potion w/o the set back and if i need more power give some more energy to kill a higher HP target. 


I would love to se an example of a similar deck that uses Lapras and Regice.

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I have all those cards that you need njmantus.  AND the EXs are either full arts or secret rares.    I'll trade you my cards . Just when the game gets back online, just PM me on the game and we will work out something :)

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