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While the servers are down, is there any way to see how many Trainer Tokens I have?


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I thought I might play some of the mini games to earn some tokens while it is not possible to play PTCGO because of the lengthy unscheduled maintenance.

THen it occurred to me, that perhaps I won't get proper credit for tokens I supposedly gain from the mini games. I wanted to check what my total is, and looked under my profile info. I can't see anywhere outside of the PTCGO game itself, to see what my balance of tokens and tickets is at the moment.

I tried clicking on a link to go to the trainer store, figured it would show my balance of tokens, at least, but it just showed me the spinning ball for a long time, and I gave up on accessing it. Is it also down, while the servers for PTCGO are down?

I'm not sure if this is the best forum to post this in, but whether the trainer store and PTCGO are using the same servers is a bit technical.

Any light that any of you can shine on my questions is appreciated.

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log in with your account on pokemon.com and i believe that you can see how many you have in the bar on the left side of your screen.



EDIT: Nvm, i guess that number is notifications. Sorry about that. 

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