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New player looking to spend about 50 SS packs to build a decent deck


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I've been playing for 10 days now and have some EX and M-EX cards, but I'm not familiar with the meta or what I need to build a decent standard or expanded deck. I'm looking to spend about 50 SS packs to build a decent deck, is that possible? Maybe not to win tournaments, but at least to make climbing the Versus ladder easier.

To start off, I already have the following EX and M-EX cards (1 of each)

  • Gardevoir EX (Steam)
  • Gallade EX (ROS)
  • Glaceon EX (Fates)
  • Lucario EX (FF)
  • Zygarde EX (Fates)
  • Rayquaza EX (ROS)
  • Skamory EX (XY)
  • Machamp EX (AO)
  • Hawlucha EX (FF)
  • Houdoom EX and M Houndoom EX (Breakthrough)
  • M Sceptile (Ancient Origins)


I have some VS-seekers, but don't have the popular cards like Forest of Giant Plants, Rare Candy, etc that I keep reading about.

Any recommendations for a budget deck that I can build based on what I have?

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I don't know much but I think 50 packs is more than enough to build a decent deck. I built my first deck (Sceptile EX/Ariados/Crobat) from saving up packs earned from the themed deck tournament and traded those packs in the trading companies here. Didn't take me long. There are some decent cards in the themed decks in the shop too, just check the contents of each — cards like Professor Sycamore. I got my Ariados line from a theme deck instead of trading my packs for them.


And oh suggestion... umm... maybe a Machamp EX and Ariados deck.

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Shayman is 25 packs and you need at least 2 thats already 50.packs but i think you need te build mega rayquaza whit octtilery max packs and you got a good deck

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M Ray is too slow without Shaymin and Hoopa. It needs the expensive cards. Out of all the current decks, it runs 4 Shaymin EX or it is dead. If you finish single-player and don't want to do theme, then I would recommend Snorlax(Fates Collide)-Hypno(BREAKpoint). You don't even need to trade for it, just buy the same 2 theme decks over and over. You actually have a very good set of EXs, most of which are very powerful even by EX standards. (3,4,5,8,10,11 in particular. 6 if you can get the colourless mega)

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