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Deck help please?


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Hello, i am kinda new here and i have a few questions about deck building:




  • Where can i build my deck? i can't find any 'deck builder' icon.
  • Is the only way to get new cards to win them form battles or from codes?

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If you want to make a Deck to battle online with other people, go to "Pokemon Trading Card Game Online," and you will appear in the Lobby, where you can choose what you want to do. If you go to the Deck Construction box, you can open your packs and use your cards to build Decks.


To get new cards in the Trainer Challenge, you can win battles in the Challenge. For each Deck, the first 11 or so games will give you rewards. They're usually new cards for the Deck in the Trainer Challenge. If you win 12 matches with a Deck, you unlock the Deck in the Trading Card Game Online.


To get new cards in the Trading Card Game Online, you buy booster packs or theme decks and redeem their codes. Go to the Shop, enter your code, and you gain one Booster Credit (if you redeemed a booster pack) or a theme deck (if you redeemed a theme deck). I think the theme deck you get is the same as the one you bought, but Booster Credits can buy any booster pack they have availible.


Hope this helps!


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