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Logan tried to bore me to death


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Server Version:


Bundles Version: 1129


Current Game ID: 5********************87-22000a80c9a8


Card: Roserade


Set Name: XY—Flashfire


Set Number: 009


Card Type: Pokemon


Entity Name: Pokemon


Owner: Opponent


So I was playing the trainer challenge to get a booster pack(Platinum League, Second trainer Logan), when the AI plays a Roserade as his active pokémon. Even though his Roserade was fully energised and my active pokemon (Skorupi) was out of energies, Logan kept using the whiplash move instead of Mega Drain. There are no switch cards or escape ropes in the deck (Electric Eye) I was using, so I ended up decking out. Surely this isn't an intended strategy from the AI?

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No, I don't think the AI is that smart.  It's possible, I suppose, but more likely you just got unlucky.  This game's artificial intelligence... It's like playing chess against a random number generator.

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