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Help with M Mewtwo deck


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I recently built a M Mewtwo deck that I thought would be great but am only winning about half of them. Here's my list, any pointers or suggestions would be welcome.


Zorua / Zoroark (stand in) 2x2

Trubbish / Garbodor 2x2

Hoopa EX

Mewtwo / M Mewtwo 3x3


Super Rod x1

Super Energy Retrieval x1

VS Seeker x3

Trainer Mail x4

Sycamore x3

N x3

Spirit Link x3

Ultra Ball x4

Lysandre x2

Skyla x1

Mega Turbo x2

Float Stone x3

Pokemon Ranger x1

Shrine of Memories x3

Parallel City x1


DCE x4

Energy x6


I was thinking of maybe taking out the Pokemon Ranger and adding an Enhanced Hammer but I'm sure there are things I'm not considering.

I will be adding at least 1 Shaymin EX when I get one as well.


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Its not bad, mine is similar a few different cards and concept. I run Octillary since I don't have Shaymin's. seems to work ok right now.


if I had to make a suggestion, get rid of the Super Energy Retrieval and use the one that grabs the DCE's.

Also think you have to keep the Ranger, it comes in handy against a lot of decks.

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