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hello all I need help with countering other deck builds


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I will start with i have not played since this game first came out, long before online and such.


started seeing the generations cards and it started the itch to open some packs again.

which brings me here trying to play in this newer game and so far i like it better than it used to be.


 so far playing against pokemon decks are not hard to win, trainer heavy decks are boring to play against, and you guys/gals out there that use the ability types well pose a great challenge for me. 


I ran into a dark gengar sleeved deck that had a break card which made all of my cards cost more energy... and was hitting me for 3 hits each pokemon bench and all.


How can i Counter something like this .. should i look to trainer, items ,or pokemon abilitys.


for the life of me i cant remember which break line it was.


was totally gonna put that part in until it took me to long to sign and had  an internet crash i had to wait for the router to reboot ahhhh it has just been one of those days...


thanks in advance from a new online player...


edit  trevenaut is the line for the break that something fear is a crazy ability

i just found the check box in the collection for cards that i don't own...

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Sounds like trevanant break.


The good version of that card that causes item lock has been removed from standard.  I haven't seen it in the last 30 battles so I think its safe to say it's gone. 


The way to beat it is to use hex maniacs to cancel the item lock and set up quickly and knock them out. 


If you are running a deck that requires a lot of items then the best route is hex maniac. 


I use a M Sceptile deck and it countered it pretty well. 


Hope this helped!!! Good luck!!

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Any time you have trouble with opposing decks that rely heavily on abilities, such as the aforementioned Trevenant, you could consider using Pokemon such as the (also) aforementioned Mega Sceptile that have the Stop ancient trait, because opponents' abilities don't affect them. Golurk from Ancient Origins is another one with that ancient trait. I have a deck that uses Mega Sceptile and Golurk, specifically made to counter things like Greninja's (Giant) Water Shuriken. Works fairly well.

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