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3 Magearna-EX Bugs


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1. Magearna-EX's Ability, Mystic Heart, stops effects of attacks done to the player such as Giratina-EX's Chaos Wheel.


This is known, but I wanted to put it here for completeness. However...


2. Mystic Heart also blocks things like Chaos Wheel even if the defending Pokemon doesn't have a Metal Energy attached.


The normal debuff for the Trainer doesn't show up, at least. Not 100% sure if my opponent could still play Tools, Stadiums, and Special Energy but they didn't. There was a Pokemon on the bench with a Metal Energy, so it may not get blocked if your opponent has no Metal Energy in play.


3. Mystic Heart blocks Bursting Balloon's damage.


No idea why this happens. The opposing Pokemon did have a Metal Energy attached so it might not stop it in other situations.

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