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Weird End turn bug.


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       I just had this happen twice to me in the last few games. Once with my plasma deck and just now with a fairy deck. Not with other decks tonight though. 


   Basically I'd get my turn and then my turn would end prematurely and go to them. I have the game log. On turn 7# it says its my turn, then it skips me drawing a card (it doesn't even appear as a message like it should in game log for that turn) and the next message says it's my opponents turn. In game my deck looked like it moved for a quick second... not much of an animation (like less than a shuffle movement) and then my turn just ended. 


        Oddly enough in both games my opponent didn't do anything on their turn following my apparent glitch. They did, at least in the last game, appear to draw a card in the game log. So it seems highly coincidental that they both let me have a turn back after seeing my turn pass... as a gesture of kindness...maybeee.... or this is some sort of weird double visual glitch? I can't tell. 

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