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[GAME BUG] - Whimsicott #56 Ancient Origins / Wonder Energy


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Client: 2.38
Card: Whimsicott, Wonder Energy
Card Number: Ancient Origins #56
Expected Action: Whimsicott's Windy Mischief attack moves all damage counters from one of your benched Pokemon to the opponent's active Pokemon.
Actual Action: If the benched Pokemon has Wonder Energy attached, the attack will fail.  That Pokemon can still be a valid target for the attack.
Steps to Reproduce: Use Windy Mischief, targeting a damaged fairy Pokemon that has Wonder Energy on your bench.


Very easy to reproduce, I tried it with different benched Pokemon.  Wonder Energy is the culprit.  Either it's treating Windy Mischief as an opponent's attack, or Wonder Energy is bugged itself.

I hope this is easy to fix, it kind of made my whole M-Altaria EX deck pointless. :( But hey, hope this helps!



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