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Which Packs Are Tradable? // LF: Bats / FT: Pyroar Break + Pack


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Hi folks,


I'm fairly new to the online pokemon tcg; maybe a month or so. I was just playing for fun with theme decks but pulled a tyranitar ex and mega tyrantiar ex from some packs and then decided I wanted to try to build a deck around it.


I'm confused on which booster packs are tradable? Are only packs that I win from events allowed to trade? I've been saving up all these packs and came to find out that mostly don't have the trade option on them.


In any case; I'm still pretty far away from building the deck, but I figure I will creep my way towards the deck.


Looking for: 3 zubat, 3 golbat, 1 crobat from phantom forces and 1 tyranitar spirit link,


I don't have much, but looking at a price guide I'm offering a Pyroar Break + XY breakthrough pack.


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To answer your question about tradable packs, I think this reply in another post is about as good as any.

Only cards/packs obtained through code cards (found in physical booster packs), events (previously known as tournaments), and trades are tradable.

Anything other method (eg. through trainer challenges, the coin shop, daily challenges, daily logins, etc.) will reward you with trade-locked packs and cards meant only for expanding your personal collection (they can't be traded away).

The only exception is that if you reach Level 16+ and you pick a daily challenge that rewards you with a booster pack, that booster pack will be tradable.

Hope this clarified things a bit!


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