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FT: Shaymin EX FA


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ForTrade: Shaymin EX FA 106/108

(English not native language)
I'm more of a collector than a serious tournament player, so I want to trade the Shaymin. I see a lot of offers ingame, like 45 SteamSiege boosters or 40+ other booster. I like trades more that contain a lot of rare cards than a lot of boosters, but I'm listening to anyone.

There are some cards I'm very interested in though:

- Ampharos EX
- Manaphy EX
- Hypnotoxic Laser
- G-Cis
- White Kyurem EX + Crystal Edge
- Victory Piece
- Darkrai EX
- Yveltal EX
- Lysandre FullArt
- Comp. Search
- Gold Potion

I like trades with a lot of EX (or megas) that I don't have and some other cards that are rare and/or pretty old. I thought I ask here for trades as well, because I would like it more to trade with someone I have exchanged a few words before than a total stranger.

There's no need to offer the cards I posted, these are just the one's I'm more interested in than others.

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If you want, PM me on the forums (hover over my name and select "PM this member"), and I will gladly go over cards that you may need or want in exchange for this card. I would rather negotiate privately, but if after that you want to post the trade to ensure that it is fair, that would be completely fine and preferable :) 

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I got some messages that I can get a few cards more for the Shaymin. I updated the first post with some cards (still not necessary, just the ones I like).

If someone can offer a trade with all the cards I mentioned tho, I'm pretty sure I'd accept that.

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There is a trade ingame for 15mins now with almost everything I wrote.

Is that anyone of you?

You'd be surprised how many players read these forums and never post... I had my trade thraed up since a couple days ago. Majority of sales I made off it were through PMs, or at least initiated. One of the higher valued cards I put on the in-game board someone messaged me about and I didn't see. He combed the trade board for it, found it, then happily PM'd me saying thanks.  :lol:


I understand a lot of players don't like to negotiate trades publicly. And that's fine, no problem there. Would be nice to see more players using the forums, however. It's a great way to get together with other like minded players in any game (a must to me on PC games)... Wish these forums ran on a more up to-date software, and the filter is the most hyper sensitive I've ever seen, but it's still usable.


Maybe the devs putting that page on the client about the forums will help, though. Or is that not a new thing?

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I don't have a problem that people don't wanna post their offers in public.

I received some offers via PM.


But you're right, you can never have enough people active in forums. :)


The Shaymin is in the trade ingame atm, a bit more expensive and prolly won't get traded.

I'll remove Lysandre and a few boosters if it doesn't get traded.

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