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Firestarter Ninetails/Typhlosion Deck - We start fires and make them big


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Here I am, with another Firedeck. The set-up is similar to my previous deck, with the same Pokemon as the previous. However, as I've played the game a bit, I learned that building up your Pokemon with Energies can be difficult when you can only add 1 per turn. So I researched my previous deck with some cards I researched to make it, considered, and bought IRL. This is what I came up with:




Pokemon - 29


x4 Vulpix (HeartGold SoulSilver 87/123 and/or Call of Legends 75/95) - Ninetails (x2 HeartGold SoulSilver 7/123 and x2 Call of Legends 17/95 and/or HS Unleashed 20/95)


x3 Cyndaquil (HeartGold SoulSilver 61/123 or Call of Legends 55/95) - Quilava (HeartGold SoulSilver 49/123 and/or Call of Legends 49/95) - Typhlosion (x1 HeartGold SoulSilver 32/123 and/or Call of Legends 35/95) and x2 Prime (HeartGold SoulSilver 110/123 and/or HGSS09 Promo)


x3 Hoothoot(HeartGold SoulSilver 66/123) - Noctowl(HeartGold SoulSilver 8/123)


x3 Togepi (HS Undaunted 70/90) - Togetic (HS Undaunted 39/90)


x2 Girafarig (HeartGold SoulSilver 64/123)


Trainer - 4


x4 Great Ball (BW Emerging Powers 93/98)


Supporter - 9


x4 Cheren (BW Emerging Powers 91/98)


x3 Pokemon Collector (HeartGold SoulSilver 97/123)


x2 Professor Elm's Training Method (HeartGold SoulSilver 100/123)


Energy - 15


Fire Energy x15




Two Pokemon inspired me to make this deck: Ninetails during my search for it, and Girafarig when I found it in my IRL collection and noticed its effect of "Show Off". The only main attacker is Typhlosion and/or Typhlosion Prime, which is kind of risky considering the set-up this deck follows.


The Trainer and Supporter cards deal with constant searching. While the Cherens mainly just "Draw 3 cards", the Pokemon Collectors and Profesoor Elm's Training Methods search for specifics: basics and Evolutions. And most of what the set-up needs are the following:


3 Vulpix, Hoothoot, Girafarig, and Togepi (< 2 Pokemon Collectors), and 3 Ninetails (2 HGSS/CL and 1 Unl), Noctowl, and Togetic (Elms may not be enough, so the Great Balls and Cherens will have to help).


Now the Pokemon set-up must be like so:


  • Girafarig is or should be the first active Pokemon. It has 70 HP, which is good for a Basic, and enough to start lighting the fire. Its attack, "Show Off", spends a turn searching for 2 Fire Energy to add to the hand. Accumulate enough, if not all, and set-up for the second wave while Girafarig is sacrificed to the slaughter.
  • At least 2 Vulpix and a Hoothoot should be in the Bench. They are needed for evolving for their Poke-Powers: Roast Reveal and Night Sight. Girafarig's sacrifice comes in play. Roast Reveal can discard 1 Fire Energy to draw 3 cards. With multiple Ninetails (HGSS/CL) in the bench, you can draw up to six cards per turn, plus 1 from Noctowl's Night Sight!
  • One of the four Vulpix in the deck must be the active Pokemon after Girafarig, and it has to evolve into the Unleashed Ninetails for Heat Acceleration. It can spend the turn to search up to 3 Fire Energy from the discard pile and attach them to one of your Benched Pokemon. This is the deck's "Firestarter Effect". I discovered the usefulness of this in one practice battle. The Fire Energies discarded by the two benched Ninetails is used for this. The FIrestarter is made to help build up the main attacker, Typhlosion/Prime and any capable fighting Pokemon (in this case, the two Ninetails with their 60 Damage Will-o'-the-wisp attack).
  • Togetic is a failsafe. Its purpose is to search for all thirteen Trainer and Supporter cards for as long as it can. That's why there are two in the deck.

I will admit one thing about the deck. It's not very well built, and it's MONDO slow. I just wanted an opinion on it. I might make this an online deck.




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It has potential but there are cards u dont really need in there. I have the same strategy with ninetales and typhlosion and combo that into reshiram though. Ninetales pokepower easily discard energy adn draw 3 cards perfect if u have at least 2 of those, the normal ninetales (dont know from what pack) which has heat acceleration is great to add those discarded energys onto a pokemon, preferably reshiram, and typhlosion's power will also add energys to reshiram and reducing 10hp per use making his first atk much stronger or you can choose his second atk, u can afford it since this ninetales and typlosion combo will have loaded him with plenty of energys




and obviously u can avoid decking out with prof oaks, cause using ninetales pokepower can really give u a large hand, 1 oak and u are good to go.


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What you explained right now was pretty much the point. Because HGSS Typhlosion does a GREAT amount of damage (can OTK most Pokemon and most Stage 2s), it has to remove 2 of 3 Energy, which in this case is Fire Energy. And for a low retreat cost, I can switch up with Unle. Ninetails for Heat Acceleration again until it can't take it anymore.


I considered Reshiram at some time, but I'd need to know which to get rid of. Probably Togetic, as it's already risky to have it out in the first place, since it's a Normal in the front lines, and fighting a Fighting type will lessen my chances on getting what I need.


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