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FT Sceptile ex and M sceptile ex Cheap


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selling cheaper than trading companies 


3 Sceptile EX  AO - 3.5 each

1 Sceptile EX xy53 promo -2 each (1 if you take all) 


3 Mega Sceptile EX  AO 2.5 each


LF Packs, will use same ratios as Top Cut


Trying to sell mostly together, will consider selling single if a lot of people are interested 


PS if you buy them all I'll throw in two virizions for free :)


Feel free to add me and pm me in game if you would prefer that way :)


EDIT: can also use M Mewtwo (infinity shot), weavile/exeggcute (legacy) cards as well as part of trade

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