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Anyone's else turn just skip? Or they can't click anything?


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So I entered the 24 ticket tournament- which basically was the last of my remaining tickets.


I entered the match and I was doing okay - still a good chance to win. When all of a sudden after waiting for my opponent to finish his turn. It finally changed to my turn but then immediately ended my turn without me being able to do anything. I asked my opponent what happened he also thought it was odd. I then said screw it, i'll try to win still.


Then the next turn I tried to complete my giant water Shuriken but the game just wouldn't let me choose an opponent to throw the ninja star at.. My timer ended and the turn switched.


Now i'm starting to get frustrated.. I attempted again, it did not let me choose but this time, every turn I had after that, the timer immediately would start. I could not click any cards, there was no done button, and I couldn't even choose which Pokemon I wanted to make active if my active went down.


It was really frustrating considering I spent 24 tickets on it, there's no explanation on how it could have happened. I don't mind if it was a regular vs. match but why during a 24 ticket tournament? 


I just really want my tickets back. Anyone else experience this?

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Been having this glitch for weeks. Happened in the 1st round of an event, causing me to lose the match I almost won. Also happening in VS matches, to both me and my opponent.


I contacted CS weeks ago, but no reply.


I made several screenshots of when it happens, mostly when attaching a card or playing a trainer card, seldom when using an attack.

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