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I really appreciate this forum for helping new players like me, LF list!


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Warning, I do not have full arts or any tradable foils really.



1 or 2 regular Moltres(the common one)

1 Gyrados(Ancient Origins)

1 Bridget

2 Dive Ball

2 Fighting Fury Belt(tired of this card destroying me lol)

2 or 3 Rare Candy(I'm assuming this is a stretch)



1 Lysandre

1 Delinquent

1 N(Fates Collide)

1 Revive

1 Psychic Third Eye

1 Steven

1 Heavy Ball

1 Metagross(Ancient Origins)

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I have a delinquent, and psychic, an N, a steven, and both metagross, could you specify which one?


Edit-realized that right after I hit post.  Sorry.  I do have a brigette I can trade you, though.  How about a heavy ball for it?

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