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FT: 2016 Worlds Playset (SOLD)


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I'm offering a World Championship 2016 Gameplay set (from San Francisco), which has the Sleeves, the Deckbox, the Coin, and 6 different Champions Festival promos.


I'm looking for xx Roaring Skies packs, or a combination of RA Shaymin EX's with ROS.


Also have a Druddigon set (Sleeves & Deck Box) that I'll let go for 20 ROS if you're interested.




EDIT:  TRADE COMPLETE.  My son just called me a couple minutes ago, very happy, and told me his Public Offer was accepted.

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Lowered the price of this gameplay set (with promos) to xx Roaring Skies.  Hopefully this price is low enough to liquidate it.  Don't know?


Yesterday morning, a novice family member -- playing on my account, and with my cards -- bought this playset as a gift for me. Granted, I think he made a fair deal, but it still ruffled my feathers because I didn't want it to begin with.  I thought I could patch things over with a Labor Day sale yesterday, but that didn't go as I hoped.  Any takers at xx? ...to make a grumpy old guy less so?


P.S.  My son, who also took part, has this in Public Offers for xx RA Shaymin + xx ROS if you're interested.  The math works out about the same.

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