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Steam Siege Volcarona Deck


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I really like Volcarona so I wanted to build a deck around it and I kinda did, I can't remember all the cards but the basic idea was to get Volcarona active and Ariados and Dragalge on the bench, where Ariados would poison, Dragalgae would trap and Volcarona would keep Paralyzed/Confused while doing per turn 20 + 20 from Muscle Band + 20 Poison, and it didn't matter much that plants couldn't be poisoned since like 90% are weak to fire, but the rotation took Muscle and Dragalgae. I wanted to know if you had any other idea that I could try and work it out. 


Things I definitely need are


Larvesta/Volcarona (4/4?)

Spinarak/Ariados (2/2?)

I honestly don't know what else could I add to make it consistent



Forest of Giant Plants (3 or 4? I really like having Volvarona atacking turn 1)

Ns and Shaunas probs 4/4



Grass like 10?

Double Colorless 4 (I like doing 120 when I need it, I can be ready to Confuse/Paralyze next turn since it only takes 1 Grass)


Please help a bro out

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If you are in expanded (you are using Muscle Band, so you must be) and relying on poison, you should have 4 Hypnotoxic Lasers and 3 Virbank City Gyms. You should export a final decklist so people can help you out. 

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Noooo..... Not the lasers.  PLEASE not the lasers. (reverts to 6-year-old.) WAAAhhhhh!!!  I hate da hywo-toxthic lazers! (regains composure) Ahem.  It is my strong opinion that the hypnotox is the most evil pokemon card ever printed.  The ability to inflict one and potentially and second special condition with no rehash, and in the form of an item, is simply too powerful.  Virbank is definitely going to help your deck, and I love dragalgea.  But please avoid the lasers if at all possible.  I believe that is a deck needs them, it's not a good deck.

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