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Trading for Shaymin EX!


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I have the following for trade:

Darkrai EX FA DEX
Dark patch x4 DEX
Sableye x3 DEX
Absol PF RH
Virbank City Gym x2 PS
Deoxys EX PF
Rayquaza EX BW47
Reshiram EX BW36
Darkrai EX BW46
Shaymin EX LT 
Suicune PB
White Kyurem EX BW63
Yveltal EX x3 XY08
Hypnotoxic Laser x4 PS
Dialga EX PB
Keldeo EX BW61
Mewtwo EX BW45
Thunderus EX BW81 
Tornadus EX PF
Zekrom EX BW38
I also have the following packs:
18 Roaring Skies
2 Primal Clash
1 Phantom Forces
2 Furious Fist
26 Flashfire
5 XY Base
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