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booster packs


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I have some codes, but I have no idea what set to buy from. I just started playing pokemon and really do not know much about the different types of cards.


What are some of the more valuable cards to find?


if you were to mass by booster packs, not saying I am, what set would you choose?


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Ok I don't know if you're talking about physical, real life booster packs or getting the ones on this website so I'll talk about just the real ones:




Okay well most booster packs are separated into versions (Black, White, HeartGold, SoulSilver, and so on) in respective to the video game. But there are EX and Call of Legends-- the COL ones feature legendary Pokemon and EX is a little more complicated but you can look here at the Pokemon website --> http://www.pokemon.com/us/trading-cards/ex-series/ <-- to learn more about EX.


But if you want to get codes that you can use here, you have to buy booster packs from the BW series, which means Black and White or Black and White Emerging Powers. I'm pretty sure that Emerging Powers is the one that has only B/W Pokemon.






So were you asking about online here and I just totally wasted your time? Lol, if you were you can tell me and I'll talk about those too xD




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I have used the palkia and Dialga LEGEND card if that is what you mean?





I'm pretty sure that those were Call of Legend cards... but I'm not sure, so if I'm wrong don't kill me xD


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I suggest getting HS Unleashed boosters because people want the valuable Shaymin card.



That's really funny considering I just got Shaymin in the HS Unleashed =D


But I'd need a reaaaal good offer to give up a rare Pokemon card, thank you very much.


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Lol, thanks. Maybe I will try my hand at HS Unleashed.


I got ten CL boosters and I am feeling terribly trolled at the moment!


Magmortar (H)


Lugia (H) x2


Smeargle (H)


Umbreon (H) x2


Forretress (F)












What do you think of my pull? I am not too familiar with value. My trading thread:










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I'm not sure because as I've probably said, I'm old school most of my cards are and I'm rather unfamiliar with the newer cards...but I like Lugia o.o but it must not be rare if you got two lolol idk? sorry


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