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I need some deck building tips.


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Hey guys I have built one solid deck that gets a lot of wins but I am looking to build a more creative deck with a good strategy and need some tips. Much appreciated!



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I have done well with a Toxicroak deck. Here it is:




Croagunk x4 STS


Toxicroak x3 STS


Spinirak x2 AOR


Ariados x2 AOR


Regirock-EX x2 FLC


Zygarde-EX x1 FLC


Hoopa-EX x2 AOR


Machamp-EX x2 AOR


Keldeo-EX x1




Focus Sash x2


Fighting Fury Belt x2


Sparkling Robe x2


Float Stone x2


Professor Sycamore x4


Shrine of Memories x3


Fighting Stadium x2


Muscle Band x3


N x3


Korrina x3


Ultra Ball x4




Fighting Energy x7


Strong Energy x4



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Deck Building 101

Step 1: Choose your main option.
(Eg: Greninja, Mega Ray, ect. It should do big damage or have some other useful effect that suits your plan. If it does not, it is not good enough.)
Step 2: Add support Pokemon.
(Talonflame, Garbodor, ect. Try and choose cards that work well with your main attacker, and don't have too many Pokemon. 15 is enough for most decks, too much for a few.)
Step 3: Add Energy.
(DOC if applicable, don't add energy for Bench warmers like Garbodor. 10 is loads unless you need it for an attack like Dark Pulse or Aero Ball.)
Step 4: Add Trainers.
(Staples first, then some Tools, then some more cards that suit your plan. The more, the more consistent.)
Step 5: Destroy anything in your way.

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