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Just getting back from holidays to find things sure have changed!


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Hey guys, just got back into things and found out some things have changed. Wondering if anyone can help me get reacquainted with things.


Secret Ultra Ball price to 160 or lower now?

Vivid Sets becoming available? (On public) how much for them now?

HGSS DCE's under 35?

Shaymin is rising?

Primes, SL's, LEGENDS bombed?


Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :)

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Secret Rare Ultra Ball hasn't really decreased, more like the value of Roaring Skies has gone from 1 to 1.5. Hence less RS for SR Ultra Ball


More people are trading their vivid sets, and I honestly don't know why. Perhaps people are worried that they will somehow become available again. The price hasn't dropped that I'm aware of though. Just more on the market.


HGSS DCE fell due to two reasons: Legacy format made all HGSS era packs readily available, and every cards are not shown on playmats anymore, so aesthetic energy are a bit pointless


Shaymin is rising steadily (although seems to have stopped in the last week). Everyone needs them, and it isn't looking like it will ever get a repring. 


Primes, SL's, and LEGEND's fell due to legacy format as well. Along with the value of HGSS era packs. 

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Thank you for the warm welcome back my friends :) I truly appreciate it and I've missed this game. Appreciate the help and it's time to get started on things. Cya on the playmat and may all your snipes be good!

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