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First time building a deck


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I've been playing TCG for years now, not strategically though.

But now, I want to start playing in tournaments, and therefore I want to build my own deck.


I was thinking to create a grass/psychic deck, would it be a good idea? Or would it not be good when it comes to strategy?

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It's just,some decks work and some others don't (or not as good as the first ones). And that's because of the cards. Some cards are very good and some others just to fill the sets. Some cards are not as good but if you pair it with others make a great combo. And most of the cards of every set will be never used to play.


I don't think you can say "I want to build that and that type deck" and just do it. It depends on the cards you include.


There are two ways to focus on competitive TCG(O), first one is to "copy" a deck that works or at least an idea, and made minor changes to fit your playstyle. The second one is to have your own idea and test it, and change, and add, and remove and if it was a good idea, will work and lets hope as good as other tier 1 decks.


You always can say I want a Grass and Psy deck, or an "insert favourite pokémon name here" deck but maybe doesn't win a lot.


Also there are some staple trainers for every first tier deck that use to be like a common skeleton. That's because the trainers are what made the decks work. They change the support cards focused on the Pokémon you run but the Trainer "big draw" or "big tech"cards use to be the same. Talking about Standard: Sycamore, N, Lysandre, Vs Seeker...


So at the end, it's not about the types, but about the cards you include.

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