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Website Tokens and TCGO Tokens not syncing


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I want to buy clothes for my avatar and I can't because it says that I don't have enough tokens.

I have 75 or more tokens in TCGO, the necessary for the item. Yet Pokemon.com only shows 50, therefore it doesn't let me buy because it says I don't have enough money.

BTW the website is riddled with bugs. Like not registering that you check Pokemon TCG so it doesn't give you the Stamps, to other stamps related bugs, that never give you the stamps even if you the requested. Also I always get logged out if I don't go to my profile first and just press Home icon after logging in.

Please fix your website.

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Hi Jack,


This is a known issue.  With all of the attention on account creation and management (from Pokémon GO, etc.) resources have been working on account issues and not fixing the token link between TCG Online and Pokemon.com.  Not everyone use these features, while everyone uses Pokémon Trainer Club Accounts, hence the priority.


We'll get to it, but it will be a little while.  Thanks in advance for your patience and understanding.

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