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Will my achievements/tokens disappear after beta or will we just continue playing after beta?


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Simpel question: Will my achievements/tokens dissapear after the beta end or will we just continue playing with it.


I like the game but I feel like it will be quite frustrated if we have to start playing from the start again after the beta for example the training challenge and leagues ect... also what happend with the tokens we earn now?


Please respond :)


Friendly greetz Jona.


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Hey Jonaman,


We really appreciate your enthusiam for the Pokémon TCGO!


Please keep in mind that this is still the Open Beta, and both the site and game will continue to be updated as new developments and improvements are made. These may or may not affect the future availability of current tokens and achievements.


We encourage you to keep checking the News and Events page for all new announcements about the site.


Thanks for being patient!




Captain Lone Starr


"Welcome to real life!"






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