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Unable to install on Windows 10 Pro x64

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The installer crashes with the following two errors:


"Called RunScript when not marked in progress."
"Called InstallFinalize when no install in progress."


I have triple checked permissions in the folder that the installer is being run on, as well as the parent directory where the install is being created. I have restarted the Windows Installer Service, which had no effect. I have run "scf /scannow" in Powershell as Admin and no issues were found. I have run the Windows Installer Troubleshooting Tool with no issues found. Running the "Compatibility Troubleshooter" against the installer tells me that this is an incompatible program with my current version of windows. Windows 10 is up-to-date as well as all video/audio drivers. I have been able to install the game on my Android tablet and on my Macbook.. but I can not install this on my main gaming PC where I stream from. 


Windows 10 Pro x64: Version 1511: Build 10586.545

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