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Display Driver Glitch


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So this has been happening a lot lately to the point where I can hardly play a game. I will do a game of versus and 1 of 2 things will happen: 1, the game screen will crash and not work at all so I can't click anything but I can still here the sounds from the Pokemon TCGO program and a error will come up saying "display driver has stopped responding and has recovered" or 2, the game screen will freeze and like just not work because I was once waiting for someone to choose their starting pokemon and then I heard the "DING DING" sound when you have only 15 seconds left. I was super confused but like I'm able to click the cards of where they actually are but I'm left with an image of what it used to be.

For example I might have a float stone, muscle band and ultra ball in my hand. Then it freezes in that exact spot. I'm able to use the cards because I know where they are but when more cards come or I want to attack or something else that isn't on the screen I can't do anything and I have to restart the program.

Please help :(!

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