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Trading Yanmega P & More!!!


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I'm building a new deck, so I need a lot of cards. I'll be using toadsandtrolls as a general basis for card value, and whether a card is a holo or RH doesn't make a difference to me. Let's make a deal!




[x3] Zekrom BLW


[x1] Tornadus EPO


[x2] Shaymin UL


[x2] Pachirisu CL


[x2] Pokemon Collector


[x3[ Professor Juniper


[x4] Pokemon Catcher


[x2] Super Scoop Up


[x4] DCE






[x3] Top Half of Palkia & Diagla Legend


[x2] Bottom Half of Palkia & Diagla Legend


[x2] Yanmega Prime


[x1] Machamp Prime


[x1] Gengar Prime


[x2] Electrode Prime


[x3] Absol Prime


[x7] Black Belt


[x1] Great Ball


[x4] Judge


[x1] Junk Arm


[x5] Pokemon Communicator


[x5] Seeker


[x6] Twins


[x2] Special Dark Energy


I have much more to offer, just look at my other threads to get a bigger list of what may be available. But these are the most valuable cards I currently have to offer.




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o r if asbol r all gone i want a celbi prime please thank u !




Sorry man, but you'll have to offer a lot more than a Juniper for either Prime.


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Anyway you'd accept booster packs for your 2 Yanmega Primes?


If so, how many? (any set of your choice)






It would have to be about 10 packs per Yanmega. Let me think it over before, we put the wheels in motion.


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