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The Guru Cave Trading Co (GCTC) maintenance

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┻━┻︵ \(°□°)/ ︵ ┻━┻

The Guru Cave Trading Company (GCTC)

Founder: Seminc

Owner/Manager: abinhathbour456 - co owner 3ees11

Traders: abinhathbour456 - 3ees11

Backup Traders:

We are in process of updating the list so we can serve you more. Please bear with the formats. We are cleaning up the house.

This is a very large resource. CTRL + F (or CMD + F on Mac) is your friend if you need to find something in a hurry. ;)

Please send friend requests to all members listed in red. If you do not do this, we may not be able to send your order. Your order will be cancelled 24 hours after placement if we were not able to send it due to not receiving Friend Requests.

Mission Statement

The Guru Cave Trading Co. strives to bring you the cards you need at prices that won’t bankrupt you or ourselves. We offer a promotional *********** you can win prizes for trading with us. We also have a trade-in system, where you can trade in even your unwanted bulk cards for cards you want from us!*


* Restrictions apply, please see Section VIII for more details.
*Trade-Ins unavailable at this time.
























  • You must obey all rules. We reserve the right to change any portion of the rules without prior notice.
  • This company trades our cards for your packs. We do not accept our packs for your cards, except when permitted by a promotional offer.
  • You may not order more than 4 copies of any card. Some cards may have additional quantity restrictions, based on their availability and demand.
  • If we suspect you are buying our cards solely to flip them for a large profit in the public trade system, we will not accept your trade.
  • You may only have one order up at a time. If you place more than one order, they will be automatically combined. You can place a new order to qualify for more Guru Points as soon as your previous order is complete.
  • Please contact me (abinhathbour456) in game if you have any problem with me or this *********** not post angry rants or criticism in this thread. If you are discovered being rude to my staff, I may ban you from trading here and/or using promotional offers. We do appreciate helpful advice and suggestions.
  • Promotions are not added to your order automatically, you must request them when placing your order. However, any Company ****** that is linked to your account will be used automatically.
  • We will try to keep our inventory up to date, but in the event that a card you have ordered is not in stock (excluding cards already tagged as NS), we will notify you and try to track it down if you ***** *
  • *
  • ******* accounts under 3 weeks old are not permitted to use our promotions and will not receive any rewards points.
  • If we send an order, and you reject it or do not accept within 24 hours, we will cancel your order and you must place it again at current market prices.
  • Members of other companies can order here, but traders have the right to require that you pay your company’s prices if they are higher than ours. (You still use our pack ratios)
  • All orders of 10 value and under will be rounded up to the nearest 0.5. All orders of 11 value and over will be rounded down to the nearest 0.5
  • You may order: 2 cards marked “*” (demand), or “**” (high demand) per order, and 1 card marked “NS” (Not Stocked) per ************ marked as “NS” may be ordered, but are not stocked, and we can exclude them from your order if it would be too much a strain on our collections. These cards may only be ordered with modified pack ratios, please check Pack Exceptions for more information.
  • Due to the unpredictably fluctuating value of some cards, we reserve the right to cancel orders for any reason. If we cancel your order, we will notify you of the reason it was canceled. Orders canceled by us may still qualify for promotions.

Example Trade Request


I would like to order:
1 Darkrai-EX FA (BP) 5
The order total is 5.
I am paying
2 Roaring Skies (2)
1 Plasma Freeze (2.5)
1 BREAKpoint (0.5)
My payment comes to 5.

Standard Pack Principle

The Standard Pack holds a value of "1 Pack". Each price listed will represent the card or packs value in relation to 1 Pack.


Pack Values

All 5-Card Packs CANNOT be used to order cards marked * or **
A maximum of 3 Charizard Boxes can be used in any ******
**** Up10.750.75Lost Thunder0.500.350.25Dragon Majesty0.750.500.35Celestial Storm0.350.25N/AForbidden Light0.350.25N/AUltra Prism0.50N/AN/AShining Legends0.500.33N/ACrimson Invasion0.33N/AN/ABurning Shadows0.33N/AN/AGuardians Rising0.50N/AN/ASun&Moon0.33N/AN/AEvolutions0.25N/AN/ASteam Siege0.33N/AN/AFates Collide0.25N/AN/AGenerations0.750.5N/ABreakPoint0.33N/AN/ABreakThrough0.33N/AN/AAncient Origins0.33N/AN/ARoaring Skies0.33N/AN/APrimal Clash0.33N/AN/APhantom Forces0.33N/AN/AFurious Fists0.33N/AN/AFlashfire0.25N/AN/AXY0.25N/AN/ADouble Crisis1.50.750.5Legendary Treasures0.330.25N/APlasma Blast0.330.25N/APlasma Freeze10.500.33Plasma Storm0.330.25N/ABoundaries Crossed0.330.25N/ADragons Exalted0.330.25N/ADark Explorers0.330.25N/ANext Destinies0.330.25N/ANoble Victories0.330.25N/AEmerging Powers0.33N/AN/ABlackWhite0.33N/AN/ADragon Vault1.51.251Call of Legends210.75Triumphant2.01.51.25Undaunted1.510.75Unleashed210.75HeartGold & Soul Silver210.75Uncommon Chests0.15N/AN/APikachu Avatar BoxN/AN/AN/ACharizard Avatar Box21.51[/table]








Inventory Terms Glossary







  • RA = Regular Art Pokemon-EX
  • FA = Full Art Ultra Rare
  • NIS = Not In Stock
  • * = In Demand
  • ** = In High Demand

Special Promotion

None running currently.









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Pokemon GX

[table]Pokemon GXSetRegUR/FARR
Alolan Exeggutor-GXCrimson Invasion11.52.5
Alolan Golem-GXCrimson Invasion11.52
Alolan Muk-GXBurning Shadows11.52
Alolan Ninetales-GXGuardians Rising1.522.5
Alolan Ninetales-GXLost Thunder111214
Alolan Raticate-GXCelestial Storm1.5[/td]
Altaria-GXDragon Majesty22.53
Ampharos-GXTeam ***********
Articuno-GXCelestial Storm22.53.5
Banette-GXCelestial Storm234
Bewear-GXSM Black Star Promos2
Blacephalon-GXLost Thunder101214
Blaziken-GXCelstial Storm22.53
Buzzwole-GXCrimson Invasion457
Buzzwole-GXSM Black Star Promos7
Celesteela-GXUltra Prism34
Celesteela-GXSM Black Star Promos3
Charizard-GXBurning Shadows123
Charizard-GXSM Black Star Promos2
Cobalion-GXTeam Up234
Darkrai-GXBurning Shadows22.53
Darkrai-GXMiscellaneous Promotional cards2
Dawn Wings Necrozma-GXUltra Prism3.54.56
Dawn Wings Necrozma-GXSM Black Star Promos3.5Decidueye-GXGuardians Rising5
Decidueye-GXSun & Moon3
Decidueye-GXSM Black Star Promos4
Dialga-GXForbidden Light123
Dialga-GXUltra Prism123
Dragonite-GXDragon Majesty1.523
Drampa-GXGuardians Rising233.5
Dusk Mane Necrozma-GXUltra Prism33.54
Dusk Mane Necrozma-GXSM Black Star Promos3
Eevee/Snorlax-GXLost Thunder2.534
Eevee-GX (174)SM Black Star Promos3XX
Eevee-GX (175)SM Black Star Promos3XX
Eevee-GX (176)SM Black Star Promos3XX
Electrode-GXCelestial Storm11.52
Entei-GXShining Legends0.7511.5
Entei-GXMiscellaneous Promotional cards0.75
Espeon-GXSun & Moon33.54
Espeon-GXSM Black Star Promos3
Flareon-GXSM Black Star Promos12XX
Gardevoir-GXBurning Shadows457
Genesect-GXLost Thunder123
Gengar/Mimikyu-GXTeam Up4.56.5/5.56.5
Glaceon-GXUltra Prism234
Glaceon-GXSM Black Star Promos2XX
Golisopod-GXBurning Shadows2.53.54
Golisopod-GXSM Black Star Promos2.5
Gumshoos-GXSun & Moon0.3311.5
Guzzlord-GXCrimson Invasion1.52.53
Guzzlord-GXMiscellaneous Promotional cards1.5
Greninja-GXForbidden Light2.534
Gyarados-GXCrimson Invasion0.7511.5
Ho-Oh-GXBurning Shadows11.5
Ho-Oh-GX (57)SM Black Star Promos2.5
Ho-Oh-GX (80)SM Black Star Promos3
Ho-Oh-GXSM Black Star Promos3
Hoopa-GXTeam Up1.523
Incineroar-GXGuardians Rising3
Incineroar-GXSun & Moon1
Incineroar-GXSM Black Star Promos3
Incineroar-GXTeam UpXXX
Jolteon-GXSM Black Star Promos15*XX
Kartana-GXCrimson Invasion123
Kingdra-GXDragon MajestyXXX
Kingdra-GXSM Black Star Promos234
Kommo-o-GXGuardians Rising0.50.751
Kommo-o-GXSM Black Star Promos0.5
Lapras-GXSun & Moon2.534
Latias/Latios-GXTeam Up1.54/2.53
Leafeon-GXUltra Prism22.53.5
Leafeon-GXSM Black Star Promos2.5XX
Lucario-GXForbidden Light67.5
Lucario-GXSM Black Star Promos5.5
Lugia-GXLost Thunder233.5
Lunala-GXUltra Prismnis
Lunala-GXSun & Moon11.52
Lunala-GX (17)SM Black Star Promos1
Lunala-GX (103)SM Black Star PromosXXX
Lurantis-GXSun & Moon1.523
Lycanroc-GXBurning Shadows0.751
Lycanroc-GXGuardians Rising22.53
Lycanroc-GXSM Black Star Promos0.75
Lycanroc-GXTeam Up3XX
Machamp-GXBurning Shadows0.50.751
Magcargo-GXLost Thunder1.523.5
Magikarp/Wailord-GXSM Black Star Promos5XX
Magikarp/Wailord-GXTeam Up56.5
Marshadow-GXBurning Shadows22.53
Marshadow-GXSM Black Star Promos2[/td][td]
Melmetal-GXSM Black Star PromosXXX
Metagross-GXGuardians Rising234
Mewtwo-GXShining Legends234
Mimikyu-GXLost Thunder123
Mr. Mime-GXCelestial Storm234
Mr. Mime-GXTeam UpXXX
Naganadel-GXForbidden Light2.534
Naganadel-GXSM Black Star Promos2.5XX[/table] Edited by TheGuruCaveTC
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Pokemon GX

[table]Pokemon GXExpansionRegUR/FARR

Necrozma-GXBurning Shadows33.54
Necrozma-GXSM Black Star Promos3[/td]
Nihilego-GXCrimson Invasion123
Noivern-GXBurning Shadows0.511.5
Palkia-GXForbidden Light11.52
Palkia-GXUltra Prism11.52
Palossand-GXCelestial Storm2

Pheromosa-GXUltra Prism23
Pheromosa-GXSM Black Star Promos1.5
Pikachu/Zekrom-GXTeam Up141618
Primarina-GXGuardians Rising3
Primarina-GXSun & Moon1
Primarina-GXSM Black Star Promos2
Raichu-GXShining Legends24
Raichu-GXSM Black Star Promos3
Raikou-GXSM Black Star Promos3
Rayquaza-GXCelestial Storm91013
Reshiram-GXDragon Majesty1.523.5
Reshiram-GXSM Black Star Promos1.5XX
Salamence-GXDragon Majesty1.523
Salamence-GXSM Black Star Promos1.5XX
Salazzle-GXBurning Shadows0.7512
Salazzle-GXSM Black Star Promos0.75
Sceptile-GXLost Thunder234
Scizor-GXCelestial Storm579
Shiftry-GXCelestial Storm22.53
Shuckle-GXLost Thunder234
Sigilyph-GXLost Thunder234
Silvally-GXUltra Prism0.75
Silvally-GXCrimson Invasion0.751.53
Silvally-GXSM Black Star Promos0.75
Snorlax-GXSM Black Star Promos2
Solgaleo-GXUltra Prismnis
Solgaleo-GXSun & Moon1.534
Solgaleo-GX (16)SM Black Star Promos1.5
Solgaleo-GX (104)SM Black Star Promos20*XX
Stakataka-GXCelestial Storm22.53
Suicune-GXLost Thunder22.53
Sylveon-GXGuardians Rising234
Sylveon-GXMiscellaneous Promotional CardsXXX
Tapu Bulu-GXBurning Shadows345
Tapu Bulu-GXSM Black Star Promos3
Tapu Fini-GXBurning Shadows123
Tapu Fini-GXMiscellaneous Promotional CardsXXX

Tapu Koko-GXGuardians Rising1.52.54
Tapu Koko-GXSM Black Star Promos1.5
Tapu Lele-GXGuardians Rising131422*
Tapu Lele-GXMiscellaneous Promotional Cards13XX
Tauros-GXSun & Moon1.52.54
Thundurus-GXSM Black Star PromosN/A
Tornadus-GXSM Black Star PromosN/A
Toxapex-GXGuardians Rising0.751.52
Tsareena-GXSM Black Star Promos2
Turtonator-GXGuardians Rising1.523
Tyranitar-GXLost ThunderXXX
Ultra Necrozma-GXDragon MajestyXX15*
Ultra Necrozma-GXForbidden Light8*10*12*
Ultra Necrozma-GXSM Black Star Promos8*XX
Umbreon-GXSun & Moon22.53
Umbreon-GXSM Black Star Promos2
Vaporeon-GXSM Black Star PromosXXX
Vikavolt-GXGuardians Rising0.7511.5
Virizion-GXLost Thunder123
White Kyurem-GXDragon Majesty123
White Kyurem-GXSM Black Star Promos1XX
Wishiwashi-GXGuardians Rising0.7511.5
Xerneas-GXForbidden Light11.52
Xurkitree-GXUltra Prism2.53.5
Xurkitree-GXSM Black Star Promos2.5
Yveltal-GXForbidden Light0.7511.5
Zekrom-GXSM Black Star Promos22.53
Zeraora-GXLost Thunder1112.514
Zoroark-GXShining Legends1010*
Zoroark-GXSM Black Star Promos10
Zygarde-GXForbidden Light234
Zygarde-GXSM Black Star PromosN/A
[/table] Edited by TheGuruCaveTC
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XY Series Pokemon-EX

[table]Pokemon EXSetRegular ArtFull ArtSecret RareAegislash EXPhantom Forces12

Aggron EXPrimal Clash12.5

Alakazam EXFates Collide1.51.53

Altaria EXFates Collide12

Ampharos-EXXY-Ancient Origins1.53

Audino-EXXY-Fates Collide2---




Camerupt-EXXY-Primal Clash1.52

Charizard-EX (Stoke)XY-Flashfire12


Charizard-EX (Combustion Blast)XY-Flashfire2---



Dialga-EXXY-Phantom Forces1.5---2.5

Diancie-EXXY-Fates Collide1---

Dragonite-EXXY-Furious Fists12






Florges-EXXY-Phantom Forces11.5

Gallade-EXXY-Roaring Skies12

Gardevoir-EXXY-Primal Clash1.53


Gardevoir-EXXY-Steam Siege1.523

Genesect-EXXY-Fates Collide12

Gengar-EXXY-Phantom Forces23.5

Giratina-EXXY-Ancient Origins23

Glaceon-EXXY-Fates Collide2.55



Groudon-EXXY-Primal Clash1.53


Hawlucha-EXXY-Furious Fists1---

Heracross-EXXY-Furious Fists12


Hoopa-EXXY-Ancient Origins23


Hydreigon-EXXY-Roaring Skies12



Kingdra-EXXY-Fates Collide12

Kyogre-EXXY-Primal Clash1.53

Kyurem-EXXY-Ancient Origins12

Latios-EXXY-Roaring Skies12


Lucario-EXXY-Furious Fists2.54

Lugia-EXXY-Ancient Origins23

M Aggron-EXXY-Primal Clash12.5

M Alakazam-EXXY-Fates Collide1.52.5

M Altaria-EXXY-Fates Collide12

M Ampharos-EXXY-Ancient Origins1.52.5

M Audino-EXXY-Fates Collide2---

M Blastoise-EXEvolutions12

M Blastoise-EXXY1---

M Blastoise-EXGenerations1---

M Charizard-EX (WB)XY-Flashfire1---3

M Charizard-EX (CD)XY-Flashfire1---3

M Charizard-EXGenerations1.5---

M Charizard-EXEvolutions12

M Gallade-EXXY-Roaring Skies12

M Gardevoir-EXXY-Primal Clash1.53

M Gardevoir-EXGenerations---1.5

M Gardevoir-EXXY-Steam Siege24

M Gengar-EXXY-Phantom Forces1---2

M Glalie-EXXY-BREAKthrough12

M Gyarados-EXXY-BREAKpoint12

M Heracross-EXXY-Furious Fists1---2

M Houndoom-EXXY-BREAKthrough12

M Kangåskhån-EXXY-Flashfire1---2

M Latios-EXXY-Roaring Skies12

M Lucario-EXXY-Furious Fists1---2

M Manectric-EXXY-Phantom Forces2---3

M Mewtwo-EX (Psychic Infinity)XY-BREAKthrough36

M Mewtwo-EX (Vanishing Strike)XY-BREAKthrough12

M Pidgeot-EXEvolutions12

M Rayquaza-EX (Emerald Break)XY-Roaring Skies35

M Rayquaza-EX (Dragon Ascent)XY-Roaring Skies1---

M Sceptile-EXXY-Ancient Origins23

M Scizor-EXXY-BREAKpoint23

M Slowbro-EXEvolutions1---

M Steelix-EXXY-Steam Siege12

M Tyranitar-EXXY-Ancient Origins12.5

M Venusaur-EXEvolutions12

M Venusaur-EXXY1.5---

M Venusaur-EXGenerations2---

Machamp-EXXY-Ancient Origins12

Magearna-EXXY-Steam Siege12


Malamar-EXXY-Phantom Forces1.53


Manectric-EXXY-Phantom Forces23


Mewtwo-EX (Damage Change)XY-BREAKthrough1.522.5

Mewtwo-EX (Photon Wave)XY-BREAKthrough11.52





Primal Groudon-EXXY-Primal Clash1.53

Primal Kyogre-EXXY-Primal Clash1.53

Rayquaza-EX (Dragon Pulse)XY-Roaring Skies1.52

Rayquaza-EX (Dragon Strike)XY-Roaring Skies1---[/table]

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XY Series Pokemon-EX


[table]NameExpansionReg.Full ArtSR

Regirock-EXXY-Fates Collide2.5---

Sceptile-EXXY-Ancient Origins1.53



Shaymin-EXXY-Roaring Skies68



Steelix-EXXY-Steam Siege11.5


Thundurus-EXXY-Roaring Skies11.5



Trevenant-EXXY-Primal Clash12

Tyranitar-EXXY-Ancient Origins12

Umbreon-EXXY-Fates Collide12

Vaporeon EXGenerations1---

Venusaur EXEvolutions1---

Venusaur EXGenerations1---

Venusaur EXXY12

Volcanion EXSteam Siege22.53.5

Wailord EXPrimal Clash1.53

Xerneas EXXY1.52

Yveltal EXXY1.53

Zygarde EXFates Collide2.5---


Edited by TheGuruCaveTC
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BW Era Pokemon EX


Articuno-EXPlasma Storm1.53

Black Kyurem-EXBoundaries Crossed2.3[/td]

Black Kyurem-EXBW Black Star Promos

Black Kyurem-EXLegendary Treasures1

Black Kyurem-EXPlasma Storm2

Celebi-EXBoundaries Crossed23

Chandelure-EXLegendary Treasures2

Cobalion-EXPlasma Storm34

Cresselia-EXBoundaries Crossed22.5

Darkrai-EXDark Explorers4NIS

Darkrai-EXBW Black Star Promos

Darkrai-EXLegendary Treasures3

Deoxys-EXPlasma Freeze24

Deoxys-EXBW Black Star Promos

Dialga-EXPlasma Blast12

Entei-EXDark Explorers23.5

Excadrill-EXLegendary Treasures1

Genesect-EXPlasma Blast36

Giratina-EXDragons Exalted23

Groudon-EXDark Explorers23.5

Heatran-EXPlasma Freeze12

Ho-Oh-EXDragons Exalted512

Jirachi-EXPlasma Blast48

Keldeo-EXBoundaries Crossed212

Keldeo-EXBW Black Star Promos

Keldeo-EXLegendary Treasures2

Kyogre-EXDark Explorers23.5

Kyurem-EXNext Destinies0.752.5

Kyurem-EXBW Black Star Promos

Kyurem-EXLegendary Treasures1

Kyurem-EXPlasma Blast2

Landorus-EXBoundaries Crossed36

Latias-EXPlasma Freeze23

Latios-EXPlasma Freeze22.5

Lugia-EXPlasma Storm23

Lugia-EXBW Black Star Promos

Lugia-EXLegendary Treasures2

Meloetta-EXLegendary Treasures0.50.5

Mew-EXDragons Exalted410

Mew-EXLegendary Treasures4

Mewtwo-EXNext Destinies310

Mewtwo-EXBW Black Star Promos

Mewtwo-EXLegendary Treasures2

Moltres-EXPlasma Storm2

Palkia-EXPlasma Blast1.52

Raikou-EXDark Explorers25

Rayquaza-EXDragons Exalted28

Rayquaza-EXBW Black Star Promos

Regigigas-EXNext Destinies23.5

Registeel-EXDragons Exalted24

Reshiram-EXNext Destinies23

Reshiram-EXBW Black Star Promos

Reshiram-EXLegendary Treasures1.5

Shaymin-EXNext Destinies1.53.5

Shaymin-EXLegendary Treasures0.5

Terrakion-EXDragons Exalted12.5

Thundurus-EXPlasma Freeze28

Thundurus-EXBW Black Star Promos

Tornadus-EXDark Explorers34

Tornadus-EXBW Black Star Promos

Tornadus-EXPlasma Freeze12

Victini-EXPlasma Storm1.52.5

Victini-EXLegendary Treasures1.5

Virizion-EXPlasma Blast35

White Kyurem-EXBoundaries Crossed12

White Kyurem-EXBW Black Star Promos

White Kyurem-EXLegendary Treasures1

White Kyurem-EXPlasma Storm1

Zapdos-EXPlasma Storm2

Zekrom-EXNext Destinies22.5

Zekrom-EXBW Black Star Promos

Zekrom-EXLegendary Treasures1.5[/table]

Full Art Non-EX Pokemon


ArceusXY Black Star Promos


Black KyuremXY Black Star Promos

CelebiXY Black Star Promos

CobalionNoble Victories3

DarkraiBW Black Star Promos

DarkraiXY Black Star Promos

DialgaXY Black Star Promos

EmolgaLegendary Treasures0.5

GenesectXY Black Star Promos

GiratinaBW Black Star Promos

JirachiXY Black Star Promos

JirachiMiscellaneous Promotional cards

KeldeoXY Black Star Promos

LandorusBW Black Star Promos

LatiasXY Black Star Promos

LatiosXY Black Star Promos

MagearnaXY Black Star Promos

ManaphyXY Black Star Promos

MeloettaXY Black Star Promos

MewXY Black Star Promos

PalkiaXY Black Star Promos


RegigigasXY Black Star Promos

ReshiramBlack & White3

ReshiramLegendary Treasures0.5

ReshiramXY Black Star Promos

ShayminXY Black Star Promos

TerrakionNoble Victories2.5

ThundurusEmerging Powers2

TornadusEmerging Powers2

VictiniNoble Victories4

VictiniXY Black Star Promos

VirizionNoble Victories3

VolcanionXY Black Star Promos

White KyuremXY Black Star Promos


ZekromBlack & White3

ZekromLegendary Treasures

ZekromXY Black Star Promos[td][/table]

Edited by TheGuruCaveTC
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Prism Stars

ArceusForbidden Light0.75
Beast EnergyForbidden Light1.5
Black MarketTeam UpX
CelebiLost ThunderX
CyrusUltra Prism0.75
DarkraiUltra Prism0.75
DiancieForbidden Light1.5
GiratinaUltra Prism0.50
Heat FactoryLost ThunderX
JirachiCelestial Storm1
LanceDragon MajestyX
LatiasCelestial Storm2
LatiosCelestial Storm1
Life ForestLost ThunderX
LunalaUltra Prism2
LusamineLost ThunderX
LysandreForbidden Light0.75
ShayminTeam UpX
SolgaleoUltra Prism1
Tapu KokoTeam UpX
Thunder MountainLost ThunderX
Ultra Boost EnergyUltra Prism0.25
VictiniDragon MajestyX
VolcanionForbidden Light0.75
Wondrous LabyrinthTeam UpX
XerneasLost ThunderX[/table]

Pokemon Break

Arcanine BreakXY Black Star Promos2
Beheeyem BreakXY Black Star Promos1
Bronzong BreakFates Collide1.5
Carbink BreakFates Collide3
Chesnaught BreakBREAKthrough1
Clawitzer BreakSteam Siege1
Crobat BreakXY Black Star Promos2
Delphox BreakFates Collide1
Empoleon BreakXY Black Star Promos2
Florges BreakBREAKthrough1
Golduck BreakBREAKpoint1
Greninja BreakBREAKpoint4
Ho-Oh BreakXY Black Star Promos1
Hydreigon BreakSteam Siege0.75
Lugia BreakFates Collide0.50
Luxray BreakBREAKpoint0.75
Machamp BreakEvolutions1
Mandibuzz BreakXY Black Star Promos1.5
Marowak BreakBREAKthrough1
Nidoking BreakEvolutions1
Ninetales BreakEvolutions1
Noctowl BreakXY Black Star Promos1
Noivern BreakBREAKthrough0.50
Omastar BreakFates Collide0.50
Pyroar BreakSteam Siege1
Raichu BreakBREAKthrough1
Raticate BreakBREAKpoint2
Starmie BreakEvolutions1
Talonflame BreakSteam Siege1.5
Trevenant BreakBREAKpoint2
Wobbuffet BreakXY Black Star Promos3
Xerneas BreakSteam Siege2
Yanmega BreakSteam Siege1
Yveltal BreakSteam Siege2
Zoroark BreakBREAKthrough3[/table] Edited by TheGuruCaveTC
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Full Art Supporters



AcerolaBurning Shadows9*

Apricorn MakerCelestial Storm4

Archie's Ace in the HolePrimal Clash3

AZPhantom Forces3

Battle ReporterFurious Fists2

BiancaBoundaries Crossed4

Bill's MaintenanceCelestial Storm2

BlacksmithMiscellaneous Promotional cards2.5

BonnieForbidden Light3


Brock's GritEvolutions0.75

Brock's GritTeam Up2

CherenBoundaries Crossed3

ColressPlasma Storm10*

CopycatCelestial Storm3

Crasher WakeForbidden Light3

CynthiaUltra Prism50*

DanaTeam Up3

DelinquentMiscellaneous Promotional cards2.5

DianthaForbidden Light3

Erika's HospitalityTeam Up18

EvelynTeam Up3

FabaLost Thunder2

Fossil ResearcherFurious Fists0.75

GardeniaUltra Prism3.5

GhetsisPlasma Freeze4

Giovanni's SchemeBREAKthrough1

GladionCrimson Invasion2.5

GuzmaBurning Shadows22*

HalaGuardians Rising2

HauGuardians Rising2

Hex ManiacMiscellaneous Promotional cards2.5

IlimaSun & Moon1

Ingo & EmmetTeam Up2

IrisPlasma Blast2.5

JasmineTeam Up3

KarenMiscellaneous Promotional cards4

JudgeLost Thunder6

KahiliLost Thunder2

KiaweBurning Shadows5.5

KorrinaFurious Fists3

LanaUltra Prism2.5

LillieSun & Moon6*

LillieUltra Prism18*

LisiaCelestial Storm1.5

LookerUltra Prism1.5

LusamineCrimson Invasion2.5

LusamineUltra Prism2.5


Lysandre's Trump CardPhantom Forces0.75

MallowGuardians Rising2.5

MarsUltra Prism2

Maxie's Hidden Ball TrickPrimal Clash3

MinaLost Thunder2

Misty's DeterminationEvolutions0.75

MorganTeam Up3

MortyLost Thunder2.5

NNoble Victories12*

NMiscellaneous Promotional cards12*

NanuTeam Up4

NitaTeam Up3

OliviaCrimson Invasion2.5

PlumeriaBurning Shadows4

Pokemon BreederShining Legends1

Pokemon Center LadyFlashfire5

Pokemon Fan ClubFlashfire2.5

Pokemon Fan ClubUltra Prism2.5

Pokemon RangerSteam Siege1

Professor Birch's ObservationsPrimal Clash2

Professor Elm's LectureLost Thunder12

Professor JuniperPlasma Freeze14*

Professor KukuiSun & Moon3

Professor SycamoreSteam Siege3

Sabrina's SuggestionTeam Up4

ShaunaMiscellaneous Promotional cards3

SkylaBoundaries Crossed8


SophoclesBurning Shadows3

StevenAncient Origins1.5

Steven's ResolveCelestial Storm6

Tate & LizaCelestial Storm5

Team Flare GruntMiscellaneous Promotional cards2.5

Team Rocket's HandiworkFates Collide2

Team Skull GruntSun & Moon2

TeammatesPrimal Clash2.5

TV ReporterCelestial Storm2

Ultra Recon SquadForbidden Light2

Underground ExpeditionCelestial Storm2

VolknerUltra Prism12*

WallyRoaring Skies1.5

WhitneyLost Thunder2

WickeBurning Shadows1.5

WinonaRoaring Skies2

XerosicPhantom Forces2

ZinniaDragon Majesty5[/table]

Edited by TheGuruCaveTC
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Secret Rare Pokemon (Non EX/GX)

(ALL NIS For Now)

AltariaBoundaries Crossed5*
ArcheopsDark Explorers4*
BlastoisePlasma Storm18*
ChandelureNext Destinies2*
CharizardPlasma Storm3*
DusknoirPlasma Blast7*
EmboarNext Destinies5*
EmpoleonPlasma Freeze16*
ExeggcutePlasma Blast20*
Flying PikachuEvolutions0.5
GarbodorPlasma Freeze16*
GarchompPlasma Freeze8*
GardevoirDark Explorers8*
GolurkBoundaries Crossed2*
HydreigonNext Destinies2*
Imakuni?'s DoduoEvolutions0.33
KrookodileDragons Exalted2*
KyuremDragon Vault1.5*
MeowthNoble Victories2*
PikachuBlack & White3*
RayquazaDragons Exalted7*
ReshiramLegendary Treasures3*
ReuniclusDragons Exalted4*
SerperiorDragons Exalted4*
SigilyphPlasma Freeze5*
Surfing PikachuEvolutions0.75
TerrakionBoundaries Crossed3*
VirizionPlasma Blast3*
ZekromLegendary Treasures3*
ZoroarkNext Destinies7*[/table]

Secret Rare Items

Acro BikeCelestial Storm8
Adventure BagLost Thunder3
Aqua PatchGuardians Rising6
Beast RingForbidden Light10
Bodybuilding DumbbellsBurning Shadows3*
Choice BandBurning Shadows20*
Choice HelmetLost Thunder5
Counter CatcherCrimson Invasion2.5*
Counter GainLost Thunder5
Crushing HammerUltra Prism13*
Custom CatcherLost Thunder3
Dangerous DrillTeam Up2
Dive BallPrimal Clash6*
Dragon TalonDragon Majesty8
ElectrochargerTeam Up3
ElectropowerLost Thunder14*
EneporterForbidden Light2.5
Energy RecyclerForbidden Light5
Energy RetrievalAncient Origins3.5
Energy SwitchRoaring Skies5
Enhanced HammerPrimal Clash6*
Enhanced HammerGuardians Rising6*
Escape BoardUltra Prism18*
Escape RopeBurning Shadows10*
Field BlowerGuardians Rising12*
Fiery FlintDragon Majesty13*
Hustle BeltCelestial Storm2.5
Judge WhistleTeam Up7
Life HerbCelestial Storm2
Lost BlenderLost Thunder10
Max PotionPlasma Freeze14*
Max PotionGuardians Rising9*
Metal Frying PanForbidden Light3.5
Metal GogglesTeam Up3.5
Missing CloverUltra Prism2
Multi SwitchBurning Shadows5
Mysterious TreasureForbidden Light13*
Nest BallSun & Moon17*
Net BallSun & Moon10
Peeking Red CardUltra Prism4
Pokemon CatcherDark Explorers15*
Pokemon CommunicationTeam Up8
PokeNavCelestial Storm4
Rainbow BrushCelestial Storm3
Random ReceiverPlasma Storm8*
Rare CandyPlasma Blast16*
Rare CandyGuardians Rising14*
Rescue StretcherBurning Shadows10*
Rocky HelmetBoundaries Crossed3*
Rotom DexSun & Moon1
Spell TagLost Thunder7
Super Scoop UpBurning Shadows4*
SwitchPrimal Clash7*
SwitchSun & Moon12*
Switch RaftDragon Majesty4
Trainers' MailAncient Origins5
Ultra BallPlasma Freeze130*
Ultra BallSun & Moon50*
VS SeekerRoaring Skies6*
Wait and See HammerLost Thunder2.5
Weakness PolicyPrimal Clash4
Wishful BatonCrimson Invasion2.5*[/table]

Secret Rare Energy

Counter EnergyCrimson Invasion2.5*
Darkness EnergyBurning Shadows12*
Double Colorless EnergyGuardians Rising18*
Fairy EnergyBurning Shadows13*
Fighting EnergyGuardians Rising6*
Fire EnergyBurning Shadows6*
Grass EnergyGuardians Rising6*
Lightning EnergyGuardians Rising5*
Metal EnergySun & Moon6*
Psychic EnergySun & Moon6*
Rainbow EnergyCelestial StormX
Unit Energy FDYForbidden LightX
Unit Energy GRWUltra Prism3.5*
Unit Energy LPMUltra Prism3.5*
Warp EnergyCrimson Invasion2*
Water EnergyCrimson Invasion7*[/table]

Ace Specs

Computer SearchBoundaries Crossed22*
Crystal EdgeBoundaries Crossed1
Crystal WallBoundaries Crossed1
Dowsing MachinePlasma Storm16*
G BoosterPlasma Blast3
G ScopePlasma Blast2
Gold PotionBoundaries Crossed2
Life DewPlasma Freeze3
Master BallPlasma Blast2
Rock GuardPlasma Freeze3
Scoop Up CyclonePlasma Blast5
Scramble SwitchPlasma Storm6
Victory PiecePlasma Storm1[/table]


Pokemon Prime

AmpharosHeartGold & SoulSilver4
BlisseyHeartGold & SoulSilver4
DonphanHeartGold & SoulSilver6
FeraligatrHeartGold & SoulSilver4
FeraligatrHGSS Black Star Promos4
MeganiumHeartGold & SoulSilver3
MeganiumHGSS Black Star Promos3
TyphlosionHeartGold & SoulSilver4
TyphlosionHGSS Black Star Promos4
YanmegaTriumphant5[/table] Edited by TheGuruCaveTC
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Promo Pokemon EX

[table]Promo Pokemon EXValuePromo Pokemon EXValueAbsol EX (XY62)2Aerodactyl EX (XY97)2

Ash-Greninja EX (XY133)2Aurorus EX (XY102)1.5

Beedrill EX (XY157)5*Black Kyurem EX (BW62)1.5

Blastoise EX (XY30)1Blastoise EX (XY122)1

Blaziken EX (XY54)2Charizard EX (XY17)1

Charizard EX (XY29)2Charizard EX (XY121)2

Chesnaught EX (XY18)1.5Darkrai EX (BW46)3

Delphox EX (XY19)2Deoxys EX (BW82)2

Diancie EX (XY43)2Flygon EX (XY61)2

Gallade EX (XY45)2Garchomp EX (XY09)1.5

Garchomp EX (XY167)3Greninja EX (XY20)2

Groudon EX (XY42)2Gyarados EX (XY106)1

Hoopa EX (XY71)3Hoopa EX (XY85)1

Keldeo EX (BW61)3Krookodile EX (XY25)2

Kyogre EX (XY41)2Kyurem EX (BW37)1

Latios EX (XY72)1Lugia EX (BW83)2

M Absol EX (XY63)2M Aerodactyl EX (XY98)2

M Beedrill EX (XY158)4M Blaziken EX (XY86)2

M Diancie EX (XY44)3M Garchomp EX (XY168)3

M Gengar EX (XY166)2.5M Mawile EX (XY104)3

M Metagross EX (XY35)2.5M Salamence EX (XY171)4

M Swampert EX (XY87)2Machamp EX (XY108)1

Magearna EX (XY175)1.5Mawile EX (XY103)3

Metagross EX (XY34)2.5Mew EX (XY126)6

Mewtwo EX (XY183)2Mewtwo EX (XY107)3

Mewtwo EX (XY125)4Mewtwo EX (BW45)4

Pikachu EX (XY84)2Pikachu EX (XY124)2

Pikachu EX (XY174)2Rayquaza EX (BW47)3

Rayquaza EX (XY73)1.5Rayquaza EX (XY66)1.5

Rayquaza EX (XY69)1.5Reshiram EX (BW36)1

Salamence EX (XY170)8Sceptile EX (XY53)1.5

Shaymin EX (XY148)2Swampert EX (XY55)2

Thundurus EX (BW81)2Tornadus EX (BW96)3

Tyrantrum EX (XY70)3Venusaur EX (XY28)1.5

Venusaur EX (XY123)3Volcanion EX (XY173)3

White Kyurem EX (BW63)1.5Xerneas EX (XY07)1.5

Xerneas EX (XY149)2Yveltal EX (XY08)4

Yveltal EX (XY150)4Zekrom EX (BW38)1

Zygarde EX (XY151)2[/table]

Edited by TheGuruCaveTC
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Sun Moon Era Non-GX Pokemon


-All Unlisted Commons are 0.5 Value, 

-All Unlisted Uncommons are 0.75 Value

-All Unlisted Rares are 1 Value

-All Reverse Foils for Listed Cards are x2 Value



AerodactylTeam Up1.5

Alolan NinetalesTeam Up2

BeedrillTeam Up1.5

BlastoiseTeam Up2

CharizardTeam Up2.5

JirachiTeam Up20

KabutopsTeam Up2

ZapdosTeam Up7

DialgaLost Thunder1

GiratinaLost Thunder6

GranbullLost Thunder3

JumpluffLost Thunder2.5

MeganiumLost Thunder2.5

NaganadelLost Thunder2

ShayminLost Thunder3.5

ShedinjaLost Thunder1

White KyuremLost Thunder1

AltariaDragon Majesty1.5

BlazikenDragon Majesty1.5

QuagsireDragon Majesty2

Swampert Celestial Storm 2

Magcargo Celestial Storm 1.5

Deoxys (Psychic)Celestial Storm1.5

MetagrossCelestial Storm1.5

SlakingCelestial Storm1

MalamarForbidden Light3

MagnezoneForbidden Light1.5

GarchompForbidden Light1

BuzzwoleForbidden Light1.5

LucarioUltra Prism 1

MagnezoneUltra Prism1

GarchompUltra Prism1

WeavileUltra Prism1

OranguruUltra Prism1

Gengar Crimson Invasion 1

Regigigas Crimson Invasion 1

VenusaurShining Legends1

HoopaShining Legends1

LatiosShining Legends1

MarshadowShining Legends2

ShayminShining Legends1

RaichuBurning Shadows 1

Garbodor Guardians Rising 1

Dhelmise Guardians Rising 0.5

Honchkrow Guardians Rising 0.5

Victini Guardians Rising 1

Alolan MukSun & Moon 2

Vikavolt Sun & Moon 1

Passimian Sun & Moon 0.5

Oranguru Sun & Moon 1.5[/table]

Edited by TheGuruCaveTC
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Edited by TheGuruCaveTC
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XY era non-EX pokemon


-All Unlisted Commons are 0.5 value

-All Unlisted Uncommons are 0.75 value

-All Unlisted Rares are 1 value

[table]XY Era Non-EX PokemonSetValueAerodactyl Fates Collide 0.75

Charizard Evolutions 0.75

Raticate Evolutions 0.5

Starmie Evolutions 0.5

Electrode Evolutions 0.5

Talonflame Steam Siege 1.5

Volcanion Steam Siege 1.5

Yveltal Steam Siege 1.0

Xerneas Steam Siege 0.5

Mew Fates Collide 1.5

Serperior Fates Collide 0.5

Lucario Fates Collide 0.5

Gengar Generations 0.5

Machamp Generations 0.5

Raichu Generations 0.75

Yveltal Generations 0.5

Garbodor Breakpoint 1.5

Greninja Breakpoint 0.5

Octillery Breakthrough 2.5

Raikou Breakthrough 1.5

Typhlosion Breakthrough 2

Xerneas Breakthrough 2

Yveltal Breakthrough 1.75

Zoroark Breakthrough 1.5

Haxorus Breakthrough 1.25

Gallade Breakthrough 1

Gengar Breakthrough 0.75

Magnezone Breakthrough 1

Entei(AT) Ancient Origins 1

Gyarados(AT) Ancient Origins 1

Vileplume Ancient Origins 1

Vespiquen Ancient Origins 0.5

Muk Double Crisis 0.75

Camerupt Double Crisis 2

Crawdaunt Primal Clash 1

Excadrill Primal Clash 1

Huntail Primal Clash 0.75

Medicham Primal Clash 0.75

Swampert Primal Clash 1.5

Milotic Primal Clash 1

Crobat Phantom Forces 1

Bronzong Phantom Forces 1.5

Slurpuff Phantom Forces 0.75

Joltik Phantom Forces 0.33

Lampent Phantom Forces 0.5

Pumpkaboo Phantom Forces 0.33

Hawlucha Furious Fists 0.75

Pyroar Flashfire 0.75

Trevenant XY Base 6

Greninja XY Base 1

Aromatisse XY Base 0.75

Raichu XY Base 0.66

Xerneas XY Base 1

Yveltal XY Base 0.75


Edited by TheGuruCaveTC
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BW era non-EX pokemon


-All Unlisted Commons are 0.5 Value 

-All Unlisted Uncommons are 0.75 Value 

-All Unlisted Rares are 1 Value

-All Reverse Foils for Listed Cards are x2 Value

[table]BW Era Non-EX PokemonSetValueSigilyphLegendary Treasures1.5

GarchompLegendary Treasures1.5

SerperiorLegendary Treasures1

EmboarLegendary Treasures1

GarbodorLegendary Treasures1

CobalionLegendary Treasures1

ReshiramLegendary Treasures1

KyuremLegendary Treasures1

ZekromLegendary Treasures1

TerrakionLegendary Treasures1

ZoroarkLegendary Treasures1

HydreigonLegendary Treasures1

RayquazaLegendary Treasures1

BlastoisePlasma Blast1.5

SuicunePlasma Blast1.5

SigilyphPlasma Blast1.5

HaxorusPlasma Blast1

KyuremPlasma Freeze2

WeavilePlasma Freeze1.5

AbsolPlasma Freeze1.5

ExeggcutePlasma Freeze1

DragonitePlasma Freeze1

Magnezone (Dual Brains)Plasma Storm1.5

CrobatPlasma Storm1

LucarioPlasma Storm0.75

DusknoirBoundaries Crossed2

BlastoiseBoundaries Crossed2

FlygonBoundaries Crossed1.5

AltariaDragons Exalted 2

GarbodorDragons Exalted 2

SigilyphDragons Exalted 2

HydreigonDragons Exalted 1.5

GarchompDragons Exalted 1.5

NinetalesDragons Exalted 1

RoseradeDragons Exalted 1

EmpoleonDark Explorers2

AccelgorDark Explorers1.5

SableyeDark Explorers1

ZoroarkDark Explorers1.5

EelektrossDark Explorers1

GardevoirNext Destinies2

AmoongussNext Destinies1.5

ZebstrikaNext Destinies1

ArcheopsNoble Victories2

Kyurem Noble Victories2

VictiniNoble Victories1.5

Eelektrik Noble Victories1

VirizionEmerging Powers1

GothithelleEmerging Powers1

EmboarBlack & White1.5

ReuniclusBlack & White1.5

SerperiorBlack & White1

ZoroarkBlack & White1.5


Edited by TheGuruCaveTC
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HGSS era pokemon (NIS for now)

-All Unlisted Commons are 0.5 Value

-All Unlisted Uncommons are 0.075 Value

-All Unlisted Rares are 1.5 Value

-All Reverse Foils: ask if interested


PichuHGSS base3

CleffaHGSS base3

Gyarados(Shiny)HGSS base3

NinetalesHGSS base2

SlowkingHGSS base2










SmeargleCall of Legends20

CleffaCall of Legends3

LeafeonCall of Legends2

NinetalesCall of Legends2

SlowkingCall of Legends2



Edited by TheGuruCaveTC
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Trainer Cards

-All unlisted HGSS era Trainers are 0.75 for lesser used ones and 1.5 for more commonly played ones, ask and we can work out a deal. 


-HGSS foils are value on request, usually they are x2 Value.


-All other unlisted Trainers 0.33 or lower


Item ExpansionsValue

Battle CompressorPhantom Forces0.75

Colress MachinePlasma Storm0.5

Dark Patch Dark Explorers6

Enhanced HammerPhantom Forces0.75

Hypnotoxic LaserPlasma Storm3

Junk ArmTriumphant5** (Foil NIS)

Max ElixirBreakpoint0.5

Rare CandyXY era0.33

Rare CandyBW era0.5

Rare CandyUnleashed1.5


Special ChargeSteam Siege0.5

Puzzle of TimeBreakpoint0.5

Super RodBreakthrough0.5

Super RodPlasma Blast0.75

Superior Energy RetrievalPlasma Freeze 0.5

Tool ScrapperDragons Exalted 0.5

VS SeekerPhantom Forces 1.0

Lost RemoverHG&SS 1.75

Pokémon ReversalHG&SS 1.25

Fossil Excavation KitFates Collide 0.25

Old Amber AerodactylFates Collide 0.25

Aqua PatchGuardians Rising 1

Field BlowerGuardians Rising 1

Choice BandGuardians Rising 1

Electropower[td][td]Lost ThunderX

Net BallLost ThunderX

Spell TagLost ThunderX




AZPhantom Forces0.5

Professor JuniperDark Explorers or B&W0.5

Oak's New TheoryCoL or HG&SS2


Pokémon CollectorHG&SS2.5

SkylaBoundaries Crossed0.75


Flower Shop LadyUndaunted0.75

Sage's TrainingCoL or Undaunted0.75

GuzmaBurning Shadows1

AcerolaBurning Shadows0.5

Erika's HospitalityTeam Up




Dimension ValleyPhantom Forces0.75

Fairy GardenXY-base or Fates Collide0.5

Forest of Giant PlantsAncient Origins0.5

Shrine of MemoriesPrimal Clash0.5

Team Aqua's Secret BaseDouble Crisis1.5

Team Magma's Secret BaseDouble Crisis4*

Virbank City GymPlasma Storm3

Lost WorldCall of Legends0.75

Twist MountainDark Explorers 1




Bursting BalloonBreakpoint0.5

Fighting Fury BeltBreakpoint0.75

Head RingerPhantom Forces2.5

Jamming NetPhantom Forces2

Dark ClawDark Explorers0.5

Muscle BandXY0.33

Silver BanglePlasma Blast 0.5

Silver MirrorPlasma Blast 0.5


Edited by TheGuruCaveTC
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Edited by TheGuruCaveTC
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seminc, that's you right? Anyways, how are we supposed to get the username/password for the GCTC account? Yaaay, GCTC is opening again :)

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seminc, that's you right? Anyways, how are we supposed to get the username/password for the GCTC account? Yaaay, GCTC is opening again :)

I'll PM the credentials to everyone who needs access to the account, and yes that is me ;)

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Moving this over here, I'm going to start constructing the front page.

Hello PTCGO! 


Guru Cave Trading Company will be back in business on September 5th 2016. There are many changes taking effect with the new revamp.


1) Price lists have been overhauled to maximize efficient post usage, and to make searches easier.


2) This forums post is modified by other GCTC employees, so they can update prices when seminc is gone, to reduce stress and maximize the amount of time we are open.


3) Trade-Ins removed. The Trade-Ins feature was a step in the right direction, but it was exploited to a large degree so it was removed. It may be added again in future with different rules, but at present GCTC is a Pack Only establishment.


4) Guru Gifts removed. They never really got any attention, so they will be replaced with a different promotional offer that will be disclosed at a later date. All Guru Points are still on record, so they will be usable as soon as the new promotion is activated.


5) Store Credit discontinued. It will be available to use for customers who already have a balance, but any unused Store Credit will be lost on October 5th.


More news to come, stay tuned.

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Tell us more about the new promotional offer. Will it challenge shelgon crates? :D :D

Edited by Shooterclaus

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Tell us more about the new promotional offer. Will it challenge shelgon crates? :D :D

I wish. It's going to be a new idea though, that's all I can reveal at this time.

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