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Insane Bug (Greedy Dice)


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* Uses Town Map

* My Articuno (D Plus - Roaring Skies) defeated an Entei(O Double - Ancient Origins) = 2 Prize Cards

* Picks 2 Greedy Dices

* Heads = 3 Prize Cards

* Heads = 4 Prize Cards

* Game crashes, instead of "Victory" message, the username of my opponent appears above "Victory", some pink box appears, my versus points remain the same as if i lost.


I think i've just broke the game.

Maybe i am The Real Bug after all.


*Still shocked...

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Congrats bro. I thought the servers would go down when someone did a 100,000 damage attack, but you managed to do it with the special case of the century.


For the record though I don't think that Greedy Dice should trigger if you use Town Map beforehand, so yea, multiple bug stack lol.

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The dice specify that they only work when they are face-down.  Sorry.  My problem, though, is that I call double-colorless energy dice...  And now there are real dice...  What to do... (tears fill room to waist)

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Hi The_Real_Bug, 


I've sent up the information you provided for investigation. Thanks very much for your report! Keep an eye on the Patch Notes and Known issues for more info as it's added. 


Thanks again!

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