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IF game not load! My solutions, for me game work after this!


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When after opening the game after loading game freez on screen and nothing happens click ALT+TAB minimize the game and without exiting try start new game.


This secend you open should go to login screen when you put login and password. Dont do this run a guest mode, play as a guest for me after winning two battles they ask if you want to register chose no and click beck to login screen.


When i returned to log in screen after this and put username and password game lunched and now works fine.


***** ALT+CTRL+DEL run a task manager and close one of the game that not luch. After this everytime now i run the game its works fiine.

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Confirmed loading two game clients logging one as guest and starting match then loading another game and logging in fixes bug. Thanks for trying this trying to spread word now.


Did not have to win battles or even fight just started guest mod and opened second client.

With out you testing this i would of never tried much appreciated

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