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Fighting Fury Belt Crash Bug


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This has now happened twice.  Same exact scenario.  I had a suicine on the board.  One water and 1 double colorless energy.  I was facing a Pokemon EX.  I attached the Fighting Fury Belt pokemon tool card from my hand to my Suicine and the game froze.


The Fighting belt hovered above my suicine.  Both clocks stopped.  Music still played, the flashing around the avatar pictures still continued.  But the game froze.


I couldn't even concede the game, the option was blacked out.  I had to close completely out of the game.


This has now happened to me twice under same circumstances.

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Hi SkruDe,


Thanks for your report! I've sent up the information here for review. Keep an eye on the Patch Notes and Known Issues section for more information as it's added. 


Thanks again!

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