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LifeSword's Trade & Wants topic...


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Hello everyone,


So this is basically my current needs in PTCGO, I'll be checking it regurarly and update it as soon as it is necessary. The best way to contact me is by directly sending me a private message in the game, my gamertag is : LifeSword3.


For trade :


1 Florges EX

2 Florges BREAK

1 Mewtwo EX FA


In search of :


3 Fiery Torch

4 Protection cube

2 Ultraball

2 Timmy FA or 1 basic

2 Pyroar Flashfire

1 Pyroar BREAK

3 Flareon EX

1 Blacksmith

2 greninja break

3 greninja

2 Frodagier

4 Fighting Fury Belt

2 Trainer's mail


Thank you very much and have a good day...



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hello, what's your mewtwo move, and how much you want for it

Hey, it has Photon wave if that is what you're asking and I'm looking for a pyroar break, greninja break and pyroar FF.

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I'll give you the fiery torches, the ultra balls, the blacksmith and 2 Frogadier (one from BreakThrough, one from XY)

What will you give me in return?

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