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Help M rayquaza competitive deck?


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Im trying to build a competitive deck from what ive got in collection...

Im wondering how this looks- i havent had a chance to play it yet because some are in the mail still..

But i was hoping i was just a few steps away from completing??

Let me know what you think.

As far as understanding goes- i just started tcg back up about three weeks ago.

But of course

Im looking for a fast(er) set up with emerald break

The altaria i have two different types

One to draw through my deck(dragon) and the other to drop rayquazas weakness(colorless)



2-2 remoraid octillery

3-2 rayquaza m rayquaza

1 skarmory

2-2 swablu altaria (1 dragon 1 colorless)

1 relicanth

1 regice

1 lugia


17 (11 benchers)


2 ultra ball

2 archies ace

2 rayquaza spirit link

4 puzzle of time

2 energy recycler

1 lucky helmet

2 mega turbo

2 steven

4 sky field

1 lysandre

1 poke fan club

2 shauna

2 float stone

1 red card

2 tierno

1 brigette







4 dce

8 water energy



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+2 Mega Turbo

+1 Zoroark (BREAKthrough)

+1 Zorua

+3 VS Seeket

+1 Manaphy EX (BREAKpoint)

+2 Professors Letter

+1-2 Ultra Ball

+1 Rayquaza EX (Dragon)

+1 M-Rayquaza EX




Archie's Ace in the Hole

1 Colorless Rayquaza




Remoraid/Octillery for 4x Shaymin EX

I honestly hate to say it, but Shaymin is necessary for M Ray decks. It is very, very hard to play this deck without it.


You may need to make room for some of the stuff I have suggested, but I Hope this helps!

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tstw414, on 21 Aug 2016 - 10:37 PM, said: Should i run double dragon energy for the dragon type rayquaza or is he just a filler/damage taker?

No. The Dragon Rayquaza is there to not have an extra Electric weakness before Mega Evolving. If it Mega Evolves into the Colorless variant, you'll have to discard Double Dragon energy, as it's no longer Dragon.


Also, if you can get it, put Hoopa EX in the deck, as it lets you search out three EX's at once. It's also a benchwarmer for Sky Field.If you're running Water energy, at least consider Manaphy EX to give your Rayquaza free retreat.


I'd say a 1-1 line of Swablu and Altaria is fine, since the Colorless version's ability negates Mega Rayquaza's Electric weakness. I'd also take out Relicanth and Skarmory and consider 3-4 Trainers' Mail, as they let you dig through the deck faster for Rayquaza Spirit Link, the only Tools you'll need. Add in Prof. Sycamore (3-4 is fine) and N for more draw power, preferably over the Shaunas. While discarding important stuff for Sycamore may hurt, it's useful for dumping cards you don't need in the current situation. N is also good for disrupting a search and for punishing opponents who are close to winning.

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Would it work if i just ran colorless rayquaza with colorless altaria to bump the dragon energy?

Working on hoopa/shaymin at the moment ($)

I took out some N, so ill be putting them back in thank you ^.^

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