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Bringing Existing, Official Rule Variations to the PTCGO


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While reading "Play! Pokémon TCG Tournament Rules and Formats", the official .pdf from the main site, I noticed there are some unsanctioned fun formats.  Though unsanctioned for events where you earn points for the Championship Series, they are recognized for side events, complete with official rules.


Though as always dealing with bugs and glitches is a higher priority, bringing these to the TCG seems like an excellent way to add more variety.  The three listed in the document are

  • 2-On-2 Battle
  • 30-Card
  • Team Battle

I suspect the first and the last will require a lot of work for the PTCGO, but 30-Card looks like a good fit.  Even if only available for Friend Challenges (so no doing Daily Challenges or the Rewards Ladder with them), this not only provides a new way to play but as the normal 4-per-deck rule for cards other than basic Energy is replaced by a 2-per-deck rule, it would allow players to build a competitive deck with fewer resources and thus much more quickly.


If the PTCGO staff thinks the format is reasonably well balanced, then go ahead and allow players to use it for Daily Challenges, the Ladder, and your On-Demand Tournaments.

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