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Help with fairy deck?


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So I've been slowly building towards a fairy deck. I currently have Gardevoir EX (78) + M Gardevoir (106), Diancie EX (72) and Xerneas (149) and the fairy types from the Resilient Life deck.


But I've been having trouble finding some other good cards to add into it. Any advice? I currently have 5 ss packs to buy things with, so I'd like to stay in price range.


By no means am I a super competitive and knowledgeable player, but I'd like to at least build a decent deck that I can play around with. Thanks!

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Not a primary fairy user but I'll try and help. For an Evo line, I like to use wigglytuffs (the ones with gather energy/hocus pinkus that prevents attacking). They are cheap to acquire through trade and very annoying. I know there's a lot of fairies with good passive abilities (for instance I want to try running the Florges line with calming aroma+florges break). 


As you probably know  you will want 3-4 Fairy gardens (especially with diancie ex). A few fairy drops can help too. 

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Mega Gardevoir EX has been always a good deck. A nice starter Xerneas [stS81] to set up the bench and Aromatisse+Max potion to move energies around while fully healing your 210HP Mega and free retreat thanks to Fairy Garden was more than a great combo.


Now with the loose of Aromatisse (for the standard), the deck will drop power. Anyway never has been a tier 1 deck, but it was nice to play.


As main attacker Mega Gardevoir EX is great so I would focus on it. A 3-1 [PrC-StS] combination seems the right choice but a 2-2 also could be played if the Psy decks become a reference in the meta.


Diancie EX is hard to see around and I love Mega Diancie EX but the lack of Spirit link it's reason enough to just don't play it because no one can afford to loose a single turn just evolving. Xerneas EX has always been a backup attacker but I never played it in my Gardevoir decks. It was good to counter Night March but this it's leaving the Standard too. Anyway it's not bad to have one or two in the deck if you like it or it's what you have available, as backup.


You can get some very interesting cards in the XY Theme deck Resilient Life (which will be erased from the shop September 1st so 500 coins right now it's a good business): Xerneas, Spritzee-Aromatisse, Fairy garden and Sycamore.


Talking about Sycamore, what makes a deck working and be consistent are the Trainer cards. You can get a lot from Theme decks which it's a nice thing to save in trades, unless you want some FAs. At least 30 trainers are needed.


Around 10-12 energies are what use to be need, not being played a lot the special energies (Wonder) nor the DCE just because can't be attached via Xerneas but can be useful.

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You Can build a nice Diancie Ex (Fates Collide) using some of this cards:

As Tools:

Assault Vest
Fighting Fury Belt
Floral Crown

As healing items:

Fairy Drop
Pokemon Center Lady

As support pokemon:

Gardevoir (Ancient Origins)
Florges (BREAKthrough)
Florges Break

These cards aren't expensive, currentle i have a version of the deck who uses Rhyperior & Maxie`s Hidden Ball Trick from primal clash... but Battle Compressor is gonna rotate in a few days, so i think your best choice is going with the previously mentioned cards.

I'm not not the kind of guys who can explain well his ideas to other people, but i hope this choices of cards can give you a little advice.

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