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Help Garchomp cope up with rotation


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Is it possible to run a good Garchomp deck with Korrina and Fighting Stadium being out of Standard when the rotation is implemented? This has been my go-to Standard deck, it's not perfect but it does its magic most of the time. Please help Chomp stay strong in Standard. :)





****** Pokémon Trading Card Game Deck List ******


##Pokémon - 15


* 3 Gible BKP 68

* 2 Gabite BKP 69

* 3 Garchomp BKP 70

* 1 Hawlucha FFI 63

* 1 Lucario-EX FFI 107

* 2 Meditite PRC 79

* 2 Medicham PRC 81

* 1 Zygarde-EX *** 54


##Trainer Cards - 33


* 2 Fighting Stadium FFI 90

* 2 Bursting Balloon BKP 97

* 2 Professor's Letter BKT 146

* 2 Scorched Earth PRC 138

* 2 Escape Rope PLS 120

* 2 Evosoda XY 116

* 1 Fighting Fury Belt BKP 99

* 2 N NVI 101

* 2 Judge BKT 143

* 1 Lysandre *******

* 3 Korrina FFI 111

* 2 Enhanced Hammer ******

******** Candy PRC 135

* 2 Muscle Band XY 121

* 3 VS Seeker *******

* 3 Delinquent BKP 98


##Energy - 12


* 4 Strong Energy FFI 104

* 8 Fighting Energy BLWEnergy 3


Total Cards - 60


****** Deck List Generated by the Pokémon TCG Online www.pokemon.com/TCGO ******

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We're loosing not only Korrina and the stadium. Also others like the Lucario EX and Hawlucha you have in your deck.


On the other way we got a lot of space to add new cards. Anyway without the speed of Korrina for a Garchomp+Rare candy ready to evolve everything will be harder.


I would bet for Carbink BREAK to block EX attacks while setting up the Garchomps and you can recover energies from the discard (also special energy!). Maybe Regirock EX could help, though I don't like it too much, I prefer the Strong energy to hit harder.


Also, don't you play Sycamore? Without Korrina more speed is needed so 4 Syc+3 N would be my choice, or the opposite if you don't like to discard that much. Delinquent and Judge are good cards but I would focus in other cards that help the deck more than disrupting the opponent as it's not a deck focused in that.


Keep Scorched hearth and rise it up to 3 or 4 to help drawing (speed). The Bursting Ballons are a great idea so I would increase it too. You can add Trainers' mail to get those Candies. Will be important.


I would start trying with that Garchomp/Carbink BREAK and then play to know if you miss anything and see what you don't use to remove it.

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Thank you! I know, come September 01, we will be losing the first 4 XY sets (XY Base Set, Flashfire, Furious Fists, and Phantom Forces) and also the XY Kalos starter decks - in Standard, at least.


I've never been a fan of too much discarding, so I think I will keep it to 2 Prof. Sycamore, then 4 N.

If ever I need a 3rd Sycamore, there's always VS Seeker for that.

Judge is there because I would't mind having less cards when Lucario-EX is in play, but that's gonna change. :(


Adding 2 more Scorched Earth, and maybe 1-2 Red Card (thank you, Generations reprint!)

...both are mainly for Delinquent, my favorite supporter card in the game.

And yes, considering adding 2-2 Carbink-BREAK to add to this deck.


Thank you!! :D

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