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Cannot connect to server on pc


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when i start the program the first screen says checking for update refresher 

then before the bar moves almost straight away another window pops up saying cannot connect to server ?

been trying last few days now and is set to allow threw firewall 


need help want to play 

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Currently, there are thousands of players from around the world successfully connecting and playing the Pokémon TCG Online.  Given this, you would want to first start by troubleshooting your internet connection.  You may want to review this article that goes over the network ports that must be open for the game to communicate to the game server




You may also, if you have a router that you haven't re-started in a while, give it a restart to see if that helps.


For further assistance, you may want to visit http://pokemon.com/supportand enter a Question with the details specific to your issue.



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