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FT A Few Packs LF Wobbuffet Break


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Just looking for one so I can run 2. I have:


1 Breakthrough

1 Breakpoint

1 Ancient Origin

2 Fates Collide


Willing to trade up to 3 of these for the card.

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Hey there, there's one of the traders here in this part of the forum, named AbsolutelyEevee.  He has these promos listed in his trade thread for 2.5 packs each (Eevee's Exotic Shop).  :)


The other trading companies have them too, I think listed at only 2.0 packs.  But with the packs you have, and their ratio value (0.66), it's 1/2 pack cheaper at Eevee's (in this instance).  Look for a cheap League promo, or something else for the extra 1/2 pack, maybe?

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