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What Dark and Steel Pokémon Do Damage to Opponents Benched Pokémon?


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I know of Darkrai-EX from DEX, Yveltal from BREAKthrough and Yveltal BREAK and Registeel from DRX but that is all I can think of. I'm drawing a blank thinking of any others.

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Absol can move counters to the bench. 

Ferrothorn BPtdoes spread.

Honchcrow UnD can do any pokemon.

Hydreigon NVihits two on the bench.

Mandibuzz FCo can do 'any' pokemon, as can Mandibuzz B&W.

Sharped0-EX switches the opponent and hits the new active.

Spirtomb StS can move counters.

Tyranitar-EX hits your own bench.

Plasma Weavile's first attack hits all the opponent's pokemon.

Aggron PB hits all benched pokemon.

Escavalier PB hits one.

Forretress UnD hits all of theirs.

Dark Greninja hits all of theirs.

Hydreigon PS switches and hits.

Klinklang PS can hit one.

Tyranitar Prime hits all non-dark pokemon.


That should be everything.

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