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Idea For Custom Tournaments Creating.


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Hi Guys.
Like in subject i think it would be a great idea to have opportunity/chance create Your own public tournaments.
For example even to add some more capabilities to it like:


-You can choose numbers of players in my opinion it would be nice to go from 4-64.

-You can add some extra fee to it if You want/like for example buy in cost 2 packs.


-Ow got some extra idea to it to even do some bigger events online (128+ person with bigger prize pools) from time to time after announcing it on Your pokemon site like month earlier or so.



That's what comes to my head probably it could be even better/more fun  if we do some brainstorm to it.



And to be honest i don't see any downside to it, maybe one that traffic on normal tournaments could go slightly down, but it will be much more options to choose from.

So i think it is worth consideration.





Hope that feedback is readen by people from Company.

Im pretty sure that someone talk about it before i will be shockt if  that subject doesn't appeared in the past, but i didn't see such a subject in previous onces so i made a new one.



Wish You best and Cheers.


if there will be some responds i got some other nice idea too, but i will save it after testing waters is it worth to invest time in writing it. :)

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I should name it: "Idea For Custom Tournaments Creating"


If any moderator can change it (Becouse i don't and can't erase it to make a new one) i think it will be more precise, becouse now someone could think is more/like private tournaments idea.


Thanks !

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To edit the title, go to Full Editor.

I think that more exotic tournaments could be cool, but player-created ones would put tons of strain on the system, lengthen wait times, and could potentially cause *****. So while it's a cool idea, I don't think it has a chance.


Edit-Wild Censor attack!  But honestly it's a nice effect, so I'll just leave it.

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