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Stuck on the iPad, and code redemption.


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I was in the TCGO chatroom today. Not doing much - looking for trades for a Shaymin, or something else that's interesting.


And then someone asked a real "newbie" question - can you trade packs for cards?

Of course, I messaged them, and told them yes, but they have to be unlocked packs - from codes, or tourneys, or the daily challenge when you kill 16 pokemon with whatever type.

"Oh. Want some free codes?"

I was shocked - "Of course, who wouldn't want free, but I what can I offer you?"
"Oh, they are of no use to me - I have an iPad, so I can't redeem them."



I knew this was the case, but certainly they'd have A client that would let them put in their codes - a family computer or something?

Nope. This user was willing to just give me codes for giving them tips as a new person, and because the codes are useless for them, due to Apple's nonsense.


I offered to put in the codes, and I think they were stunned that I'd just give it to them, fully prepared to put in just a few codes, and then I'd send them over for (functionally) nothing.


Of course I put in some of the codes - content to just be happy with some of the cards, I believe the user was surprised that I'd let them know what they had gotten, and send them most of everything (they let me keep some packs that we redeemed as a thank you.)


But I figured I'd make a guide for all of the redeemable codes, and trading.


What kinds of codes are there?
The codes generally break down into two (or three) categories - tradeable redemptions, and non-tradeable redemptions. There are some that are partially tradeable - that is, they have some rules. And these are further broken down: boosters, tins, multipacks, and theme decks.


A booster pack is the most common form of "currency" in TCGO - if you want to trade, unless you have a particularly rare card (like Secret Rares, or sought after promos,) people will ask for trades in equivalent "packs." Most of the packs that you redeem with codes are fully tradeable. (The few exceptions include those gotten the E-mail newsletter, which has a code for packs that are NOT tradeable.) The packs will be sealed until you "open" them in the collection (like a non-tradeable pack.)


Theme decks are another item you can redeem. The contents of a theme deck redeemed with a code are all tradeable. However, the deck itself is not. If you redeemed Oceans Core (Kyogre deck, Primal Clash,) you can open the package, and you will notice you have 60 cards and a coin, all tradeable, and that's it.

If you open your Versus or Tournaments, you'll notice that Oceans Core is playable in Theme mode. But here's the catch - even if you take the 60 cards and the coin, and send them over to someone else, they cannot select Oceans Core for Theme tourneys. Even though you have the 60 cards - including the exclusive holographic Kyogre, and the non-holo Milotic - you did not buy it as a Theme deck.


Tins on the TCGO client, ar interesting. The older tins, like Xerneas and Yveltal from before (non-Shiny) have code cards in them. And you put in the code card. And you got Xerneas-EX, or Yveltal-EX. Fine. Now, if you put in the code cards for the Shiny Kalos tins, you'll get: a tradeable EX promo, some tradeable holographic energies, and about 52 other cards that are not tradeable. Tins, when redeemed, will unpack immediately for the most part, putting whoever opened the code richer by whatever cards are included - AT Swampert (from the Kyogre tin,) etc. So what happens for someone who had the card, and asked someone else to redeem their code and send it over? They only get the EX, and whatever tradeable cards (usually just the foil energies) that were in the tin. Not a problem, but it should be noted.


Collection Boxes are fun items, released from time to time (Mythical Collection, Pyroar Box, Krookodile-EX, etc) that, when redeemed, will typically have featured cards, and a few booster packs inside the physical packaging. When redeemed online, these code cards are usually only going to give the opener whatever cards were featured (Pyroar and the holographic Blacksmith, or just a Krookodile.) With the Mythical Collections, these codes give: the Pokemon featured, sleeves, and 2 Generations packs (for Charizard, Blastoise, and Venusaur, you will be given the EX card, 4 Generations packs, sleeves, and a deckbox.) All of these items are tradeable, as far as I know and recall.


Elite Trainer Boxes are another fun bunch of items in real life. In the online game, however, it is just the sleeve and the deckbox - we have no use for dice, we have no use for counters, or burn indicators. And remember that each pack has its OWN code cards.


Okay, so we know what we're getting, how does that help us?

At some point, hopefully soon, there will be a way to redeem codes through the Pokemon website so that you can redeem them directly to your account, despite the rules that exist for iPad apps. Hopefully it will be before September - it may not be here before January (considering the website has been overwhelmed with PokemonGO!, and Ninja Boy, I unfortunately don't expect it for some time.) But in the meantime, you can redeem codes through friends that you will get the full benefit of, and just hold off on the other codes.


So, I have these codes - can I give them to just anyone?

It should be someone who you trust, and should be done in a message, rather than displayed for everyone to grab. It can be someone who you trade with a lot here, or a trusted and respected member of the community. And it should be (as tedious as this sounds) one code at a time, so that even if you do encounter someone less than honest, they'll have only taken one code.


Cool. So they can just give me the items they redeem, right?

Not quite - to prevent mistakes from happening (accidentally sending your whole collection,) each user must have one item exchanged. I can send you 5 powerful EXs for a Pumpkaboo, but it needs to be something.

Especially if you haven't gone into any tourneys, and you've been stuck on the iPad, you won't have any tradeable cards. That's fixed by spending 55 tokens, and purchasing an avatar collection box. (If you really want to extend it, you'll open it, and have it good for 8 trades without opening your packs.)


Who will do this for me?

If you ask nicely, somebody will put in a code-card for you, without a problem.

What you can do, especially if you have a lot of code cards, is let them keep something. Remember those tin codes I mentioned? If you don't have any need for the cards in the tin, let them have the untradeables - that is, one of the EXs, and maybe a few niche trainers. Or if you are opening 3 mythical collections, let them keep one of the six Generations boosters. The individual I mentioned was prepared to not get a single booster pack or card - and they were happy to have gotten what they had gotten, letting me keep a few packs.


Hopefully, within 5 days of my writing this, this topic will be deemed completely useless as codes can finally be gotten on the iPad. but until then, I hope I make someone happy.

And if a mod wants to move this post to a different part of the forum, feel free to do so.

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