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I have a Nook HD+ and this game is unplayable


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It may be worth reconsidering the compatibility for this device. I've tested it for quite some time now, and from what I've seen these are the following issues.

  • The game randomly crashes with no error or notification. Process simply terminates.
  • When attempting to chat, the keyboard will fail to load in many occasions making it near impossible to use the chat windows in-game unless during a blue moon. There have been instances in which this DOES work, but the overwhelming majority of the time it fails to load any keyboard (Swiftkey/Android tested) and instead just shows the typing box.
  • While the graphics don't seem to hang, most crashes seem to occur during gameplay. This happens during both AI challenges and VS and appears to be entirely random. From what I've seen, it happens regularly on your move as opposed to the opponents.

While foil tilting, trading and the general UI seem to work the core parts of the game seem to be too much for the HD+ to handle. As I've never completed a match on the device. I have in fact, completely factory restored the device to see if it would help, and the game still misbehaves constantly.




-An interesting sidenote to add, is that I've sideloaded the APK onto my Galaxy S4. This is a device that is not compatible according to google play. However, this device actually seems more stable than the tablet. It has none of the hangs or crashes, and PVP/Challenges as well as trading work. What does not work however, is once again the in-game chat. Chat seems to freeze entirely and ignore inputs, you do not get active changes to the chat log either, often needing to reload the tab.  This being said, most of the time chat actually works fine on the phone as long as you do not allow it to fall asleep.

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