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Florges Break w/ Altaria EX


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So I've been having too many dead starts with my Xerneas/Altaria pairing from before, since starting with only Xerneas can be problematic as it can't do anything without a bench to power up. So, I've been looking to make Altaria the focus of the deck, and with that I found Florges Break. It fits the theme of keeping Altaria EX healthy and tanking most anything that can't one shot it. It also heals off a status condition. It's a Stage 3 techincally so it requires more set up than Xerneas Break would, but with all my play testing, I was always winning games with Altaria, not Xerneas, so this makes me think Xerneas wasn't the partner for Altaria. SO here's the deck list:



4 Altaria EX

4 M Altaria EX

2 Flabebe

1 Floette 

2 Florges

2 Florges Break

2 Shaymin EX



4 Fairy Drop

4 VS Seeker

4 Ultra Ball

4 Puzzle of Time

3 Fairy Garden

3 Sycamore

3 Altaria Spirit Link

2 N

2 Evosoda

1 Ninja Boy

1 Lysandre





4 Wonder Energy

4 Fairy

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It's also just making Altaria heal heavy damage hits each turn. Metal is a pain to access for weakness, and unless you one shot Altaria, it's not going anywhere healing 110 a turn (Fairy Drop + Florges Break Ability + Mist Purge). It's been the main success of a deck I was running previously with Xerneas Break, but my main winning Pokemon was always Altaria.

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Thanks for posting this deck. I used to play a similar one but had no Shaymin ex. Now that I have them I'd try again. With less metal decks in standard, this could work! But with only 1 floette there should be at least one rare candy which I don't see.


Take away 1 vs seeker add 1 rare candy.

Take away 1 fairy energy for 1 Wally.

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Yes against Aegislash for sure, but I'm thinking of teching in a Shrine of Lost Memories for Altaria EX's bottom attack, which removes weakness on Altaria for a turn, doing this could keep M Altaria from worrying about Aegislash too much. However the deck's real issues comes in the form of the newly useful Carbink Break, which I'm thinking may give me a real problem. Also yes I am missing Rare Candy, have no idea how I missed that, I'll need to see what I can remove for it, as I don't think I'd be ok removing one VS Seeker, may lower it down to 2 Fairy Garden before VS seeker

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