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Simisage Torment VS Chesnaught (Basic Green Deck)


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Server Version:

Client Version:

XY: Basic Green Deck


Simisage's Torment effect doesn't work after attacking and being knocked out from Chesnaught's Spiky Sheild abililty. Chesnaught is able to use Touchdown, it's only attack, on the new active Pokemon the next turn.


So here's what happened in-game:



Both players are using the XY: Basic Green Deck

Player 1 active Pokemon: Simisage (with 60 damage counters)

Player 2 active Pokemon: Chesnaught


Player 1 turn:

Simisage(30HP left) uses Torment on Chesnaught. Player 1 selects Chesnaught's Touchdown as part of Torment's effect.

Simisage is knocked out due to Chesnaught's ability. Player 1 chooses a new active Pokemon.


(At this time, I've noticed that the down arrow on Chesnaught, indicating that it is being affected by a negative effect, is gone.)


Player 2 turn:

Chesnaught is able to attack Player 1's new active Pokemon with Touchdown.








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