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2.38.1 Server Update | August 9, 2016

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The Pokémon TCG Online team is in the process of rolling out a server update which includes the following bug fixes:


  • Arbok (XY #48): The Gastro Acid attack no longer suppresses Abilities that activate between the end of the opponent's next turn and the beginning of the player's next turn.
  • Beedrill (PRC #3): The effect of the Allergic Shock attack now consistently ends when the affected Pokemon is evolved or moved to the Bench on the following turn.
  • Croagunk (STS #58): The Poison Up attack is now consistently selectable when Croagunk is evolved to Toxicroak and Shrine of Memories (PRC #139) is in play.
  • Drifloon (STS #46): The prompt text for the Transfer Pain attack is now properly displayed.
  • Galvantula (STS #42): Per the official errata, the Double Thread attack can no longer target the opponent's Active Pokémon.
  • Greedy Dice (STS #102): A coin flip now occurs when Greedy Dice is played on the turn it is drawn as a face-down Prize card.
  • Haxorus (BKT #111): The effect of the Dragon Dance attack should now persists until Haxorus is no longer the Active Pokémon.
  • Hydreigon BREAK (STS #87): Resolved a UI issue which occasionally caused more than 3 Energy to be discarded for the Calamity Blast attack.
  • Hypno (FFI #36): The opponent's hand is now properly displayed when Psychic's Third Eye (BKP #108) is selected during the Hand Control attack.
  • Jirachi (ROS #42): The effect of the Doom Desire attack now consistently ends when the affected Pokemon is evolved or moved to the Bench on the following turn.
  • Kecleon (PLF #94): The effect of the Imittack now functions properly when copying the Type Switch attack (Arceus, PR #XY116).
  • Ninja Boy (STS #103): Resolved several issues which warranted a temporary ban for this card. The temporary ban will been removed once the server update is complete.
  • Parallel City (BKT #145): The Bench size reduction effect of this Stadium does now properly triggers when it is used to replace a Sky Field (ROS #89) Stadium in play.
  • Plasma Frigate (PLS #124): The effect of this Stadium is now consistently applied to eligible Pokémon that evolve after it enters play.
  • Pokémon Ranger (STS #104, 113): Effects of attacks are now consistently removed from players.
  • Spiritomb (STS #62): The prompt text for the Damage Play attack is now properly displayed.
  • Trevenant BREAK (BKP #65, PR #XY94): The Nervous Seed Ability should no longer affect Pokémon BREAK cards which evolve from a Basic Pokémon.

Gameplay: General

  • Effects from a previous turn which increase the amount of damage done to the Defending Pokemon on the current turn are now consistently applied to both attacks from a Pokemon with the Omega Barrage Ancient Trait.


  • The Products Received window now properly appears after redeeming a passcode for a Rallying Cry theme deck.


New Known Issue

  • Klefki (STS #80): Using Ninja Boy (STS #103) to replace the Pokemon that Klefki is attached to via the Wonder Lock Ability causes Klefki remains attach to the original Pokemon for the duration of the match rather than transferring to the new Pokemon.

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Unfortunately, the fix that we put in place for Ninja Boy during yesterday's server update did not address all of the variations of the bug. The temporary ban has been reapplied to Ninja Boy until the issue can be resolved. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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