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Strangest Bug Ever


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Ok. I'm using M Mewtwo EX Y (Psychic Infinity). Shrine of Memories down. I have 170 damage upon me against M Sceptile EX with 130 damage upon it. So I press to attack and it shows me both M Mewtwo EX Y attacks and Mewtwo EX (Shatter Shot, Damage Change) attacks.


So far so good.


I'm using Lysandre on his Sceptile EX (170 HP) to do Damage Change. I'm pressing to attack.


ONLY Psychic Infinity shows up!!! No other option!!


Not to prolong, I retreat and do the same thing on the next turn. Against M Sceptile EX shows all 3 attacks. Then VS Seeker/Lysandre on opponents' Shaymin EX, that's it.


ONLY Psychic Infinity shows up again!!!


I even tried to press on the cards left (where the attacks were previously shown) in case there was something wrong with the graphics. Not at all.


Another serious bug resulting in a loss. I had the same thing yesterday and the day before with the Lucky Helmet bug, even if I won.


Are you taking any action on these, or are we going to keep playing a corrupted game??

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I can confirm the same bug!

When my Pokemon is evolved and opponent's Pokemon is evolved as well, Shrine Of Memories Stadium works correctly, but if you switch opponent's evolved Pokemon with a basic using Lysandre, then you can't use the stadium's effect anymore.

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