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Yanmega BREAK post rotation


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Does anybody want to help me build my first deck. I want to build a post rotation yanmega break zebstrika deck. Please let me know if you'd like to help.

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Are you new in the game? Or do you have cards/packs enough to build anything?


Why Zebrstika? Is there something I'm missing in it to be a good partner to Yanmega?


The goal in a Yanmega BREAK deck should be to have 4 cards in hand to don't rely on energies to attack, both Yanmega and the BREAK can attack for 50(+70) or 100 a turn in that case... "without energies".


Since today I played against an Yveltal BREAK/Yanmega BREAK deck (it seemed to be not very powerful, I discarded 2 DCEs with En. hammers and conceded) and a Phantom Forces Slurpuff/Yanmega BREAK. That was a good idea because you can draw cards every turn to regulate the number of cards in hand, but Slurpuff is rotating.


Anyway, I'd be pleased to help, and sure a lot more people will if you start a list.

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I've been playing the game for a year now and this account for about 4 months. I have a decent amount of cards in my collection as well. My packs have been going to my first legacy deck lately, so I'm a little low on those.

Zebatrika I thought would be a good partner because I saw the idea and thought maybe this could be good, also since it ohko's rayquaza who will be pretty powerful once rotation ******* also ohko's shaymin).

As far as other partners, we could also use glalie since we could run

Dce in case of a hex( same sorta reason we use Zebatrika) and glalie's attack kinda goes off the principle of hand management as well. After we attack the Dce to either one of glalie or yanmega we would just need to attach the basic water energy that we run to attack.

Let me know what you think of these partners or if you would suggest different ones.

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