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Trading Packs for your Cards!


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I have these from your list:


1 Mew prime


2 Black Belt


3 Junk Arm


2 Twins


3 Cheren


2 Rescue Energy


How many packs would you do for them all and which packs would they be?




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Don't worry I want them, my game keeps on losing some of the cards from my binder after i put them up so if they're not all there when you come to make the offer let me know and I'll try making the offer to you.


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I have:




2x Relicanth


1x Lucario


1x Mismagius


1x Sage's Training




How about 18 packs of Triumphant? If you want, I can throw in another Mismagius and make it 20 packs.


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mm i'd do 15 for the 2x relicanth 1x lucario 1x mismagius 1x sage's training





Guess I'll reluctantly accept then. Not so sure about 15, but I suppose I should get the value out of those packs.




Can you put the packs in your binder? My binder always quickly gets erased.


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